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The Dark Knight Rises: The Return of Alex Rodriguez

a-rod-hit-his-first-home-run-of-the-year-and-now-yankees-fans-love-himForget about Matt Harvey. The Real “Dark Knight” of Gotham is Alex Rodriguez.

His story parallels the the last three Christian Bale Batman movies. Seriously think about it…

A-Rod saves the city in 2009 and delivers a world championship. Early on, Batman saves Gotham from the Scarecrow

A-Rod makes a few mistakes for PEDs, becomes the face of the steroid epidemic, and Commissioner Selig tells him to go away for a while. Batman takes the blame for Harvey Dent’s death and Commissioner Gordon tells him to go away for a while.

A-Rod works through his suspension, multiple injuries, and what seems to basically be depression as the Yankees crumble. Batman comes back from multiple injuries and his literal prison of despair to again help fight the injustice that has overtaken Gotham. A-Rod, like Batman in the third and final act, may not be as young as he once was, but he still has something left to prove to a lot of people.

There are more parallels for this story than just A-Rod being Batman.

Derek Jeter is obviously Harvey Dent. The White Knight of Gotham who saved the Yankees from the depths of nothing to bring them back to glory and restore sanity to the city. Alex Rodriguez accepted his suspension not only to sort out his own life, but to also not take away from Jeter’s last season. Jeter (Dent) gets all of the glory while Rodriguez sits in the shadows and waits until the city needs him again. I could totally see Jeter being nice in the spotlight and a total dick outside of Yankee Stadium…you know…kinda…what’s the word I’m looking for here? Oh yeah. Two-Faced.

David Ortiz is Bane. They are both roided out monsters who just mash things…well to be specific, Ortiz mashes baseballs and Bane mashes faces. Gotham hates both of them and they’ve done a lot to take the city down, whether it be by a Red Sox Championship or threatening to nuke the entire city. To be honest I’m not sure which is worse.

Madonna is Catwoman here. The woman that A-Rod has had, and I’m sure he wants again. He’ll end up in a small cafe somewhere with her as Joe Torre looks on knowingly. She may be 100 years old but she sure is still pretty damn flexible.

Yes, Joe Torre is Alfred. He was there for A-Rod during his early battles against the BoSox, and was his handler until he left in 2007. He was the older, wiser man in A-Rod’s life. Sure Torre batted him 8th against Verlander in 2006, but Alfred wasn’t always nice to Batman either. Torre has remained a part of the MLB and A-Rod’s life as the Executive VP of Baseball Operations. I’m not really sure what he does, but then again he may not either.


Hold my calls...it's naptime

Bud Selig plays he role of Commisoner Gordon here. He knows that steroids and A-Rod make the game better and more profitable, but he has to save face. Commissioner Gordon knows the city is better with Batman but he needs to save face as well. I really hate Selig and really like Gordon so this comparison really hurt to write.

We’ll soon find out if like Batman, A-Rod returns to glory and ends up getting his own statue in monument park. (Every other player seems to get one) Only time will tell if he’s ready to sacrifice himself for his fans, and this city.

If he is, then we can finally say:

Alex Rodriguez is back. The Dark Knight Rises.


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A-Rod Meets the Pope: Twitter Explodes

Alex Rodriguez finds soft landing at Mike Francesa’s WFAN studios Wednesday. YES NETWORK

Well Dressed and a Vest. Photo from NY Daily News

By now you’ve heard about new chapter the Alex Rodriguez saga. A-Rod stormed out of his arbitration hearing after MLB Commissioner Bud Selig aka”the man in Milwaukee” refused to testify. A-Rod marched right out of MLB headquarters and headed down to the WFAN studios to sit with the Pope himself: Mike Francesa.

This is when Twitter blew up; I spent almost an hour at work listening to the interview and reading the tweets regarding it. Here are the best ones, with a couple of mine sprinkled  in because I’m selfish.

WFANtrades ‏@WFANTrades1m

Say what you will about Mike. He’s killing the vest/dress shirt look. #BusinessCasualZaun

Mike Franceser ‏@MikeFrancesaNY32m

Everybody loves @AROD, ok. I told da city to believe in @AROD and da city listened. I speak foah New Yawk.

Jamie O’Grady ‏@JamieOGrady_6m

Give him this, ARod sounds far less canned and rehearsed than he ever has before. He may be schizophrenic, but he believes what he’s saying.

Mike Franceser ‏@MikeFrancesaNY7m

Im not a lawyah but dat made no sense to me, ok.

WFAN Audio ‏@WFANAudio14m

I just blew off my boss’ 4PM meeting for this. I mean, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. #MongoNation

Ross S ‏@StadiumInsider22s

Francesa is going down on A-Rod after the interview, yes? Just as friends, of course.

1st Ever FrancesaCon ‏@FrancesaCon52s

This is moah inspiring den Denzel in remembuh da titans

Mike Vaccaro ‏@MikeVacc1m

Shoeless Joe Jackson could’ve used talk radio in 1919 to sell his story. Bet Judge Landis wouldn’t have testified either.

Jonah Keri ‏@jonahkeri1m

Kids, you won’t remember this, but Mike Francesa was once a credible journalist with intelligent takes on college basketball.

E.J.Stankiewicz ‏@TheHappyRecap4m

Beginning 2016 “Mike and the Mad Rod”

Jonah Keri ‏@jonahkeri24s

Kids, you won’t remember this, but Alex Rodriguez was once a spectacularly likable shortstop for the Seattle Mariners.

B-ROE ‏@Mr_B_Roe23m

Somewhere Derek Jeter has a single tear sliding down his cheek

BarstoolJJ ‏@BarstoolJJ3m

How do we make @AROD the master of ceremonies for @FrancesaCon?

Craig Bishko ‏@The_Real_Bish1m

@FrancesaCon Are couples costumes (ARod and Zaun) allowed at the bar?

Mike Franceser ‏@MikeFrancesaNY2m

What would youah say to da man in Milwaukee? We know he is watchin, ok. Dis is on coast to coast (Take dat @KeithOlbermann)

Stacey Gotsulias ‏@StaceGots2m

This quote is amazing: Selig is “trying to destroy me. To put me on his big mantle on the way out, that’s a hell of a trophy.”

Dean McGowan ‏@deanmcgowan3m

Metta world arod

Benjamin Kabak ‏@bkabak37s

Agent Smith vs Neo wasn’t half as entertaining as this.

B-ROE ‏@Mr_B_Roe1m

Francesa missed a perfect opportunity to ask about the Centaur painting

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MLB Considers Rule Change

Game four of the World Series gave the Yankees a 3-1 lead in the series.

It may have also changed the way the game is played.

The game came to a standstill in both the first and fifth innings as the Jorge Posada met with CC Sabathia multiple times. Fourteen times to be exact.

Posada and Sabathia wore out a 60-foot, 6-inch path between the mound and home plate, including a span where they visited each other four times during one Jayson Werth at-bat.

This has been an all too familiar scene this postseason

“It’s just part of the game,” Posada told the Associated Press (AP). “We want to talk to each other so we know what we’re doing.”

Major League Baseball’s vice president of umpiring Mike Port said that frequent mound meetings will be discussed during the off-season.

“It would fall under the province of pace of game,”said Port.

Not everyone agrees with the possibility of changing the rules, including Yankees pitching coach Dave Eiland.

“You can’t take away from the beauty of the game. I know fans get upset and Major League Baseball may get upset with that, but that’s just part of the game.” Eiland told the AP.

There are currently rules that apply to coaches visits to the mound, but none that limit the amount of times players can meet. A coach can visit the mound once per inning and any more visits means the pitcher must be taken out of the game. To prevent long games, MLB has tried to enforce the few rules they do have in place to dictate a quicker pace of play.

The most notable player to be penalized is Boston Red Sox closer Jonathan Paplebon, who was fined a few times this season for failing to deliver a pitch in a reasonable amount of time.

Eiland has a better idea to help shorten the games. “Don’t take three minutes between innings. You know how many times a pitcher is standing on the mound waiting for the umpires call to throw the first pitch?” he said.

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Playoffs Have Arrived Early

The Yanks are division champs, but there are still other races to be finished. The biggest one for Yankee fans sake’s is between the Twins and Tigers.
I’m pulling for the Twins, but my money is on the Tigers.
Who would you rather face in the postseason?

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The Failure of the Yankees 1st Round Draft Picks

Slade Heathcott became the latest Yankees first round pick when he was selected 29th overall in the MLB draft.

Let’s hope he doesn’t turn into almost all of the other Yankees first round picks.

Here is the past decade of first rounders the Yankees have selected: (the links are from ESPN.com and the comments are mine)

2009 Slade Heathcott OF  
2008 Gerrit Cole RHP -Chose to go to UCLA instead of sign  
2007 Andrew Brackman RHP -Can’t throw a strike in A ball   
2006 Ian Kennedy RHP  -Just had surgery to fix an anuerysm, but never showed much promise on the major league level  
2005 Carl Henry SS  -Left the minor leagues to go play basketball at Memphis.  He was once quoted as saying “I spent my off-seasons from baseball working on my basketball skills”  
2004 Philip Hughes RHP -Could be the future ace, he is the one guy who isn’t a failure on this list  
2003 Eric Duncan 3B Has a good glove, but is currently hitting .225 at AAA Scranton  
2001 John-Ford Griffin OF Got a couple of stints in the majors with the Blue Jays, now in the Dodgers minor league system  
2000 David Parrish C Son of former Major Leaguer Lance Parrish, David never did anything for the Yanks  
1999 David Walling RHP  Walling got the Knoblauch/Ankiel  syndrome and just couldn’t be an effective pitcher anymore  


As you can see, the only good fist round pick in the past decade has been Phil Hughes, who has shown flashes of what he can become with some solid, high-stirkeout performances.  He still has time, and so does Andrew Brackman, who had arm problems.  If Brackman can throw strikes, the 6-10 pitcher will see the Majors sooner rather than later.

Let’s hope Slade Heathcott doesn’t turn into the the lastest edition to this unenviable list.


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Extra Umpires Cant Help Blue Jays


(for updated info on the fake umps in Yankee Stadium on July 3rd, click here)

While watching the Yankee replay this morning on the YES Network, I noticed something odd going on in the seats behind home plate and to the left of the screen. Guys dressed as MLB Umpires doing the same motions as the real ones on the field.

They of course didnt help out their beloved Blue Jays as Andy Pettitte was able to shut down those Canadian bats to lead the Yankees to an 8-2 Win, but the stars of the night are the two guys above.

Now its not known as of this point who these guys are, but I really want to know where exactly they found those uniforms and which one of em was the genius that came up with this idea.

I mean its almost like someone going to a Star Trek convention and dressing up as the Security Guard working the Spock autograph station.

Of course when you can get the legendary Ken Singleton and Al Leiter to become distracted and have them laughing throughout the entire 4th inning, then you have done something productive.  

Many kudos to you guys, you crazy Canadians, its good to see that during another playoff-less year by the beloved Maple Leafs that the baseball fans up north can be creative and humorous all at the same time.

Added at 11:50 pm

Here is the Video from You Tube of these fans being umpires. Classic Stuff

-The Falk

Thanks to Deadspin for the Picture


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Moron of the Month

Manny Being Moron

Manny Being Moron

The new installment of Moron of the Month is here!

The easy guess would be Manny Ramirez, cause lets face it, he is a moron.

Well, thats not quite where were going with this…

The Moron of the Month is YOU.  You know who you are….you’re the fan who was surprised by Manny taking steroids.  You’re also the one reading this saying “hey, it wasn’t roids…it was a fertility drug” 

Your the one who thinks that every time Jose Canseco tells you someone else was on the stuff, you think he is a goon with nothing better to do. Lets just chalk up another point for Jose.

Unless Manny is in the midst of a sex change, there is no reason for him to take that drug unless he’s trying to cover up high levels of testosterone; which, by the way, is due to the use of steroids.

So congrats to you, the naive baseball fan.  You are the Moron of the Month.

-Brenden and The Falk

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