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The Dark Knight Rises: The Return of Alex Rodriguez

a-rod-hit-his-first-home-run-of-the-year-and-now-yankees-fans-love-himForget about Matt Harvey. The Real “Dark Knight” of Gotham is Alex Rodriguez.

His story parallels the the last three Christian Bale Batman movies. Seriously think about it…

A-Rod saves the city in 2009 and delivers a world championship. Early on, Batman saves Gotham from the Scarecrow

A-Rod makes a few mistakes for PEDs, becomes the face of the steroid epidemic, and Commissioner Selig tells him to go away for a while. Batman takes the blame for Harvey Dent’s death and Commissioner Gordon tells him to go away for a while.

A-Rod works through his suspension, multiple injuries, and what seems to basically be depression as the Yankees crumble. Batman comes back from multiple injuries and his literal prison of despair to again help fight the injustice that has overtaken Gotham. A-Rod, like Batman in the third and final act, may not be as young as he once was, but he still has something left to prove to a lot of people.

There are more parallels for this story than just A-Rod being Batman.

Derek Jeter is obviously Harvey Dent. The White Knight of Gotham who saved the Yankees from the depths of nothing to bring them back to glory and restore sanity to the city. Alex Rodriguez accepted his suspension not only to sort out his own life, but to also not take away from Jeter’s last season. Jeter (Dent) gets all of the glory while Rodriguez sits in the shadows and waits until the city needs him again. I could totally see Jeter being nice in the spotlight and a total dick outside of Yankee Stadium…you know…kinda…what’s the word I’m looking for here? Oh yeah. Two-Faced.

David Ortiz is Bane. They are both roided out monsters who just mash things…well to be specific, Ortiz mashes baseballs and Bane mashes faces. Gotham hates both of them and they’ve done a lot to take the city down, whether it be by a Red Sox Championship or threatening to nuke the entire city. To be honest I’m not sure which is worse.

Madonna is Catwoman here. The woman that A-Rod has had, and I’m sure he wants again. He’ll end up in a small cafe somewhere with her as Joe Torre looks on knowingly. She may be 100 years old but she sure is still pretty damn flexible.

Yes, Joe Torre is Alfred. He was there for A-Rod during his early battles against the BoSox, and was his handler until he left in 2007. He was the older, wiser man in A-Rod’s life. Sure Torre batted him 8th against Verlander in 2006, but Alfred wasn’t always nice to Batman either. Torre has remained a part of the MLB and A-Rod’s life as the Executive VP of Baseball Operations. I’m not really sure what he does, but then again he may not either.


Hold my calls...it's naptime

Bud Selig plays he role of Commisoner Gordon here. He knows that steroids and A-Rod make the game better and more profitable, but he has to save face. Commissioner Gordon knows the city is better with Batman but he needs to save face as well. I really hate Selig and really like Gordon so this comparison really hurt to write.

We’ll soon find out if like Batman, A-Rod returns to glory and ends up getting his own statue in monument park. (Every other player seems to get one) Only time will tell if he’s ready to sacrifice himself for his fans, and this city.

If he is, then we can finally say:

Alex Rodriguez is back. The Dark Knight Rises.


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The Memories May Fade, But Legends Never Die: Old Timer’s Day 2009

Old Timer's Day 2009

Old Timer's Day 2009

Sunday July 19th proved to be great day in the Bronx.  It wasn’t just beautiful weather, it was the gathering of the memorable names and legends associated with the most successful franchise in sports.

As mentioned, the weather was perfect; it was the definition of a perfect day for baseball.  This was very good news for me because I had already tried to go to two Old-Timer’s day games in the past, unfortunately both of those had been rained out.

This Old Timer’s Day main theme was the homecoming of two recent Yankee greats: Mike Mussina and Don Zimmer.

Moose’s return was weird to see because many fans believe he could still be pitching right now. (The Yankees definitely miss his arm)  I overheard a few creative fans yell out to him “What are you doing this Tuesday?” referring to the news that Sergio Mitre was starting in place of Wang.  Mussina said he was happy being retired, and that he was glad ended his career on a good note by winning 20 games.

Popeye’s return was long overdue and it was great to see Torre’s right hand man return to the Bronx.  After leaving the Bronx under some bad terms, Zimmer became an advisor for his hometown Tampa Bay Rays and had vowed never to wear a Yankee unifrom again.  His mind had definitely changed Sunday when he said “Coming back here and seeing your friends, it’s special.”  It was definitely special for the fans, who gave Zimmer a loud, standing ovation; Zimmer’s ovation was the kind usually reserved for Don Mattingly or Yogi Berra.  The warm welcome visibly moved Zimmer as it brought tears to his eyes. 

The usual names appeared: Bucky Dent, Mickey Rivers, Roy White, Rick Cerrone, Goose Gossage, and of course the oldests greats being Don Larsen, Yogi Berra and Whitey Ford. 

The biggests cheers were reserved for Yogi, Whitey Ford, Don Larsen, Bucky Dent, Don Zimmer, and another welcomed face, Mel Stottlemeyer.

Although it was a great day for baseball, the reporter and Yankee fanatic in me found some flaws.

Where were the players from the recent dynasty? 

David Cone, Jeff Nelson, Chad Curtis and Joe Girardi (where else would he be?) were there, but guys like Paul O’Neill, Tino Martinez, and Scott Brosius were not.  I know they aren’t that old, but Old Timer’s day is about seeing your pinstriped heroes.  Those guys were just that for many fans around my age (21) as we grew up in late 90’s and early 2000’s.  Every former player has circumstances that may keep them from attending, but let’s  hope we see them all back there in the future.

Where were Dave Winfield and Rickey Henderson?

I am sure they both got invitations, but it would have been nice to see Hall of Famer Dave Winfield and the soon to be inducted Rickey Henderson on the field.  They have both been there in the past, so I am sure they both got invites.

What the hell was Keith Olbermann doing announcing the game?

Don’t get me wrong, it was a great idea to have two people announce the game, especially when one of them is hall of fame announcer Bob Wolffe (he called Larsen’s perfect game).  I know Olbermann has done it the past few years with him, but what connection does he have to the Yankees other then probably a friend high up in the organization?  He got a standing boo from the Yankee faithful when introduced to the crowd.

I don’t know how it was on the YES Network, but I was there and could barely hear them over the loudspeakers. 

Speaking of loud-speakers, Susan Waldman needs to retire. 

Her on field interviews almost ruined the day for me.  The game would be rolling smoothly and then all of the sudden a high-pitched, out of placed voice would come over the loudspeakers.  I’m talking about the same voice that was screaming about how Roger Clemens was coming back.

If Bob Shepard has the voice of God, (which he does) then Susan Waldman has the voice of….well, I can’t write what I want to, because that would be slander.  Then again it isn’t slander if it’s true, right?

Old Timer’s day is truely a one of a kind, remarkable event that only happens once a year in the Bronx.  Although I listed some flaws, it turned out to be a great day for Yankee fans in the Stadium, and those viewing it on television.  I just hope the recent Yankee greats that I mentioned earlier show up on a more consistent basis, because if they don’t, Old Timer’s day will become just another memory.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the day:  Enjoy!

Michael Kay signed (and devalued) the baseball he is about to throw back.  Him throwing the ball back showed me why he is an announcer and not a player.  Remember the line from The Sandlot "YOU PLAY BALL LIKE A GIRL!"...Yeah, that describes it

Michael Kay signed (and devalued) the baseball he is about to throw back. Him throwing the ball back showed me why he is an announcer and not a player. Remember the line from The Sandlot "YOU PLAY BALL LIKE A GIRL!"...Yeah, that describes it

My thoughts while taking this pic: Holy Cow!! That's Yogi Berra!!  I was absolutely in awe.

My thoughts while taking this pic: Holy Cow!! That's Yogi Berra!! I was absolutely in awe.

The Legend Herself: Kimberly Jones at work.  She's the girl you go try to get after ESPN's Erin Andrews turns you down for prom.

The Legend Herself: Kimberly Jones at work. She's the girl you go try to get after ESPN's Erin Andrews turns you down for prom.


The Best moment of the day: Popeye returns!

The Best moment of the day: Popeye returns!

Freddy should have been allowed on the field.  He needs a spot in monument park.

Freddy should have been allowed on the field. He needs a spot in monument park.

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The Hank Axis of Evil

axis_of_evil_ojllHank Steinbrenner is a complicated man with more nooks and cranny’s then a Thomas’ English Muffin. But when it comes to the things in life Hank doesn’t like….He makes no bones about it. SWH now presents….The Hank Axis of Evil

The Red Sox- I think Hank explained the reason they are on this list quite nicely last year…  “Red Sox Nation? What a bunch of bullsh*t that is…That was a creation of the Red Sox and ESPN, which is filled with Red Sox fans…Go anywhere in America and you won’t see Red Sox hats and jackets, you’ll see Yankee hats and jackets. This is a Yankee country. We’re going to put the Yankees back on top and restore the universe to order.”

The Mets- All they want is be just like the Yankees. From the the new stadium to a bratty owners son who makes moronic statements to the media in a way to distract the fans from poor play. The Copy EVERYTHING.

Joe Torre- Hank helped get him out of town and then saw him manage an inferior team to a playoff berth just cause they are not in the AL East. If your not in the AL East….YOU SUCK!

The National League- What a stupid, stupid league. When will they get with the program and get the friggin DH. Its not like they have been successful with out for over 125+ years

Truth Commercials- Nothing would make Hank’s life better then to burn all the Truth kids with his many many cigarettes.

If you can think of any more members of the Hank Axis of Evil, please free to add them in the comments section. We will be adding more members as the season goes on.

– The Falk

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