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This past weekend was an extremely bad one if you are a Yankee fan. Many fans are now suffering from sweepitis, a debilitating disease brought on by getting owned by the Red Sox for three straight games.

Symptoms include:

Wanting Joba to go back to the bullpen

Continuously seeing images of Jacoby Ellsbury stealing home

Wanting to shave Kevin Youkilis’ beard

Wondering why CC and AJ are getting paid so much

Wondering who the hell Angel Berroa is

Actually missing A-Rod

If you are a Yankee fan suffering from those symptons there is only one thing you can do:


Remember folks, it’s only April, there are still over 140 games left this year.

First of all, Joba is not going to the bullpen, no matter how much sense it makes. The only way I see this happening is if Wang comes off the DL, Phil Hughes comes up, and they both pitch well. Wang seemed to be lost on the mound and this break will be good for his psyche. Hughes is currently in baseball purgatory; this is when a player is too good for AAA, but has not proven himself at the major league level. I think Hughes has a better shot than Wang only because there is less pressure on him to perform. Expect Joba to stay in the rotation. By the end of May, rookie Mark Melancon will be the Yanks answer in the eighth inning.

On to the new arms in the rotation: CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett. First of all, Burnett had one bad outing so there are no worries there. CC is a notoriously bad pitcher early on in the season. Putting on the pinstripes will not make this go away. Expect his name to be in the running for the CY Young award at year’s end.

Angel Berroa is a former Rookie of the year who was cut by the Kansas City Royals. He has started a total of two career games at 3rd base, and is certainly not the answer there, or anywhere else in the infield. The answer here is to sign Mark Gruzielanek to play third and eventually backup at 3b,SS, and 2b when A-Rod gets back. The Yankees need a better bench than what they have now.

Don’t worry, A-Rod will be back around May 15th.  I can’t wait.

Did I just said that?




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