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Wang’s Last Stand: Trying to Fend Off the Braves and the Critics

After a mediocre start against a mediocre team, Chen-Ming Wang is on the ropes.  Phil Hughes deserves a starting spot, and the Yankees don’t seem like they are ever going to put Joba back into the pen.  This leaves Wang as the odd man out.

The Braves’ offense is much better than the Nationals.  Granted, it is not an elite offense, but the Braves are not slouches either.

If Wang wants to keep his job, he will come out with his best stuff tonight.  If he doesn’t, he could end up in the shish kabob known as the Yankees bullpen.


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Math….Baseball Style


The Major League Baseball season is underway and while watching the season at its infancy, I thought about some the Math equations that are involved with baseball and its teams during the upcoming season. Here are 30 Equations, one that represents every team in the Major Leagues….Enjoy.

AL East-

Yankees– Yankee Bullpen – Mariano = Garbage

Red Sox– Saito + Penny + Smoltz = Boston Hospitals Rejoicing

Rays– Great Team – Fans = Tropicana Field

Blue Jays–  Roy Halladay + Alex Rios = Trade Deadline

Orioles– Opening Day Win over Yankees + 65 = Win Total for 2009

AL Central

Indians– Young Players x Underachievers = 2009 Season

White Sox– Ozzie – Cursing = An Off Night

Royals– Juan Cruz + Joakim Soria = An Actual Chance in Hell

Tigers– Overpaid Roster + Recssion = Fire Sale

Twins– No superstars + Ron Gardenhire= playoffs

AL West

Rangers– 200 hr’s+5.50 ERA= Last 14 years of Rangers Baseball

Mariners– Ken Griffey Junior+ old age= disabled list

Angels– Expectations x Adversity = Mike Scioscia Toughest Year Yet

Athletics– Constant Rebuilding + Bad Stadium = Forseeable Future

NL East

Phillies– Rollins + Utley + Howard = Best Clutch Team Ever

Mets– revamped bullpen+ new stadium= Phillies still win the East

Marlins– Young Team + Confidence = Dangerous Group

Nationals– Young Lineup + Garbage Pitching = More Losing in DC

Braves– Bobby Cox – 1990’s= mediocre

NL Central

Cubs– Improved team+Curse= another 100 years of losing

Brewers– Pitching Staff – CC = A Joke

Pirates– (God-Awful x No Hope) / Suck= Pirates for the foreseeable future

Reds– Votto + Bruce + Volquez = The Future

Cardinals– Lineup – Pujols = No Shot

Astros– Pitching Staff – Oswalt = Disaster

NL West

Giants– CY Young winner+nobody else= no long term contract for Timmy

Dodgers– Dodgers – Manny= Still winning the west

Padres– Padres – Peavy= August 1st

Diamondbacks– Starting Pitching / Bullpen = Many Sad Endings in the Desert

Rockies– 2009 – Matt Holliday = 2007 looking more and more like a Fluke

– The Falk (and Brenden)

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