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The Dark Knight Rises: The Return of Alex Rodriguez

a-rod-hit-his-first-home-run-of-the-year-and-now-yankees-fans-love-himForget about Matt Harvey. The Real “Dark Knight” of Gotham is Alex Rodriguez.

His story parallels the the last three Christian Bale Batman movies. Seriously think about it…

A-Rod saves the city in 2009 and delivers a world championship. Early on, Batman saves Gotham from the Scarecrow

A-Rod makes a few mistakes for PEDs, becomes the face of the steroid epidemic, and Commissioner Selig tells him to go away for a while. Batman takes the blame for Harvey Dent’s death and Commissioner Gordon tells him to go away for a while.

A-Rod works through his suspension, multiple injuries, and what seems to basically be depression as the Yankees crumble. Batman comes back from multiple injuries and his literal prison of despair to again help fight the injustice that has overtaken Gotham. A-Rod, like Batman in the third and final act, may not be as young as he once was, but he still has something left to prove to a lot of people.

There are more parallels for this story than just A-Rod being Batman.

Derek Jeter is obviously Harvey Dent. The White Knight of Gotham who saved the Yankees from the depths of nothing to bring them back to glory and restore sanity to the city. Alex Rodriguez accepted his suspension not only to sort out his own life, but to also not take away from Jeter’s last season. Jeter (Dent) gets all of the glory while Rodriguez sits in the shadows and waits until the city needs him again. I could totally see Jeter being nice in the spotlight and a total dick outside of Yankee Stadium…you know…kinda…what’s the word I’m looking for here? Oh yeah. Two-Faced.

David Ortiz is Bane. They are both roided out monsters who just mash things…well to be specific, Ortiz mashes baseballs and Bane mashes faces. Gotham hates both of them and they’ve done a lot to take the city down, whether it be by a Red Sox Championship or threatening to nuke the entire city. To be honest I’m not sure which is worse.

Madonna is Catwoman here. The woman that A-Rod has had, and I’m sure he wants again. He’ll end up in a small cafe somewhere with her as Joe Torre looks on knowingly. She may be 100 years old but she sure is still pretty damn flexible.

Yes, Joe Torre is Alfred. He was there for A-Rod during his early battles against the BoSox, and was his handler until he left in 2007. He was the older, wiser man in A-Rod’s life. Sure Torre batted him 8th against Verlander in 2006, but Alfred wasn’t always nice to Batman either. Torre has remained a part of the MLB and A-Rod’s life as the Executive VP of Baseball Operations. I’m not really sure what he does, but then again he may not either.


Hold my calls...it's naptime

Bud Selig plays he role of Commisoner Gordon here. He knows that steroids and A-Rod make the game better and more profitable, but he has to save face. Commissioner Gordon knows the city is better with Batman but he needs to save face as well. I really hate Selig and really like Gordon so this comparison really hurt to write.

We’ll soon find out if like Batman, A-Rod returns to glory and ends up getting his own statue in monument park. (Every other player seems to get one) Only time will tell if he’s ready to sacrifice himself for his fans, and this city.

If he is, then we can finally say:

Alex Rodriguez is back. The Dark Knight Rises.


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A-Rod Meets the Pope: Twitter Explodes

Alex Rodriguez finds soft landing at Mike Francesa’s WFAN studios Wednesday. YES NETWORK

Well Dressed and a Vest. Photo from NY Daily News

By now you’ve heard about new chapter the Alex Rodriguez saga. A-Rod stormed out of his arbitration hearing after MLB Commissioner Bud Selig aka”the man in Milwaukee” refused to testify. A-Rod marched right out of MLB headquarters and headed down to the WFAN studios to sit with the Pope himself: Mike Francesa.

This is when Twitter blew up; I spent almost an hour at work listening to the interview and reading the tweets regarding it. Here are the best ones, with a couple of mine sprinkled  in because I’m selfish.

WFANtrades ‏@WFANTrades1m

Say what you will about Mike. He’s killing the vest/dress shirt look. #BusinessCasualZaun

Mike Franceser ‏@MikeFrancesaNY32m

Everybody loves @AROD, ok. I told da city to believe in @AROD and da city listened. I speak foah New Yawk.

Jamie O’Grady ‏@JamieOGrady_6m

Give him this, ARod sounds far less canned and rehearsed than he ever has before. He may be schizophrenic, but he believes what he’s saying.

Mike Franceser ‏@MikeFrancesaNY7m

Im not a lawyah but dat made no sense to me, ok.

WFAN Audio ‏@WFANAudio14m

I just blew off my boss’ 4PM meeting for this. I mean, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. #MongoNation

Ross S ‏@StadiumInsider22s

Francesa is going down on A-Rod after the interview, yes? Just as friends, of course.

1st Ever FrancesaCon ‏@FrancesaCon52s

This is moah inspiring den Denzel in remembuh da titans

Mike Vaccaro ‏@MikeVacc1m

Shoeless Joe Jackson could’ve used talk radio in 1919 to sell his story. Bet Judge Landis wouldn’t have testified either.

Jonah Keri ‏@jonahkeri1m

Kids, you won’t remember this, but Mike Francesa was once a credible journalist with intelligent takes on college basketball.

E.J.Stankiewicz ‏@TheHappyRecap4m

Beginning 2016 “Mike and the Mad Rod”

Jonah Keri ‏@jonahkeri24s

Kids, you won’t remember this, but Alex Rodriguez was once a spectacularly likable shortstop for the Seattle Mariners.

B-ROE ‏@Mr_B_Roe23m

Somewhere Derek Jeter has a single tear sliding down his cheek

BarstoolJJ ‏@BarstoolJJ3m

How do we make @AROD the master of ceremonies for @FrancesaCon?

Craig Bishko ‏@The_Real_Bish1m

@FrancesaCon Are couples costumes (ARod and Zaun) allowed at the bar?

Mike Franceser ‏@MikeFrancesaNY2m

What would youah say to da man in Milwaukee? We know he is watchin, ok. Dis is on coast to coast (Take dat @KeithOlbermann)

Stacey Gotsulias ‏@StaceGots2m

This quote is amazing: Selig is “trying to destroy me. To put me on his big mantle on the way out, that’s a hell of a trophy.”

Dean McGowan ‏@deanmcgowan3m

Metta world arod

Benjamin Kabak ‏@bkabak37s

Agent Smith vs Neo wasn’t half as entertaining as this.

B-ROE ‏@Mr_B_Roe1m

Francesa missed a perfect opportunity to ask about the Centaur painting

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A Look Into the Past From the Future

This post is from the future archives of this blog

May 2018


It seems so long ago that we were witnessing true greatness in pinstripes. Now we are the laughingstock of baseball, mired in a deja vu like trance of 1980s proportions. The Mets have won a World Series and turned this baseball town awash in blue and orange.

Our captain did not go down without a fight, but after being shifted to right field in the final year of his contract, pride took over and he announced his retirement. Alex Rodriguez is unmercifully still here thanks to Hank Steinbrenner extending his contract, his reasoning being since the Yanks can’t produce a winning product the only way to market games is for fans to have the chance to boo A Rod and throw used hot dog wrappers at him. The outfield prospects of Heathcott and Austin never panned out, and our stud catching prospect forgot that you use the bat to hit the ball. Robinson Cano got his 300 million dollar contract and then decided that he wouldn’t leave the batters box unless it was a homer.

The Yankees are in shambles off the field as well. Hal walked away from his responsibilities when the Yanks became perennial cellar dwellers, citing that he was never the “Baseball guy” and he wanted to pursue other adventures, leaving the team in Hank Steinbrenner’s hands. Hank has become the Kim Jong Un of baseball, running the organization with a veil of secrecy and constant threats of leaving MLB. After Brian Cashman tragically died skiing Mount Everest for charity, Hank fired all of the front office staff and relies on his inner circle of trusted advisors, most of whom have never been seen.

As fans clamor for new ownership, Hank sits atop his perch in the ballpark (literally—its his box he built in place of the Mohegan Sun Bar in centerfield) without a care in the world. Ticket prices have driven all of the diehard fans out and the ballpark looks like the coliseum in Rome, oversized and empty. Hank, driven by a madness that even his father would consider insane, remains convinced that his course is the right one.

This Yankee team is long removed from the glory days of the Core Four. Now we are a joke, just like the Iron Man movie franchise. (I think Iron Man 8 was enough)

Let’s hope for a better future. As the saying goes, wait till next year.

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PIC OF THE MONTH: The Full Mountie: A-Rod Loves a Lady in Uniform

A-Rod runs into a Canadian Cop and stops from running her over by grabbing her boobs

A-Rod runs into a Canadian Cop and stops from running her over by grabbing her boobs

First Madonna, then Kate Hudson, and now a Canadian Cop?  Whose next?  The dry cleaning lady?…Your housekeeper?…Betty White?



*special thanks goes to John Nemec and his TiVO for this pic

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Mets Pick Up Yankees Garbage: Angel Berroa Heading To The Scrap Heap In Queens

All Angel Berroa ever did for the Yankees was play catch with A-Rod before games.  The Mets will now use him as their new SS and #3 hitter.

The team on the field is starting to resemble the area around it.  The team is just the latest chop shop to open up in that section of Queens.

This is the second blockbuster move the Mets have made in the past two days, with the aquisition of Jeff “past his prime at 25” Francouer being the first.

I was going to look for his stats, but when I typed his name in at baseballreference.com, all I got was: “who?”.  I figured it was a mistake but when I reloaded the page it said: “don’t waste your time…go do something productive with your life”.

I guess David Wright needed a new guy to play catch with.


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No Rest For the Weary: A-Rod Parties After His Day Off

A-Rod fights fatigue by lighting it up with Hudson

A-Rod fights fatigue by lighting it up with Hudson

According to the Palm Beach Post:

Benched for alleged “fatigue,” slumping New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez partied until 2:30 a.m. Saturday in Miami Beach. He then disappeared into the tropical night with actress Kate Hudson in the back seat of his chauffeured Maybach.

And while it’s pretty obvious A-Rod and Hudson are an item, the third baseman wasn’t too fatigued to continue pretending otherwise. Indeed, it must be a coincidence that Hudson, the star of Almost Famous and Fool’s Gold, is in Miami just as Rodriguez’s New York Yankees are playing the Florida Marlins in SoFla this weekend.

And it must be another coincidence that they “ran” into each other at a private party on SoBe late Friday.

And also blind luck they both ended up in A-Rod’s set of wheels about 2:30 a.m., even if they left the fiesta 15 minutes apart, a spywitness tells me.

I hope he wasn’t fatigued for the after party with Hudson.  I highly doubt Albert Pujols would be doing the same thing if he were hitting .200.


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Even the A-Rod Book Doesnt Come Through in the Clutch

Selena Roberts = Epic Fail

Selena Roberts = Epic Fail

Lets rewind a few months ago when Sports Illustrated broke the biggest story to date in Baseball when it claimed Alex Rodriguez had tested positive for Steroids.

The author of the article, Selena Roberts was all over Television and was becoming the female version of Woodward and Bernstein.

A-Rod had been found out and Selena was being looked at this great author who then was gonna hit the double play with an entire book about A-Rod that would come out right around the Opening Day for the Yankees at their new ballpark. It was gonna easily be a best-seller.

The A-Rod got hurt, so the publisher moved the date back of when the booke would debut and it seemed only perfetc to have the book come out when A-Rod returned.

Yet, as we all know….Life isnt fair.

Lets have the AP explain this further.

Remember that tell-all book about A-Rod?

Just a month after making headlines with its allegations that the New York Yankees star likely used steroids as far back as high school, Selena Roberts’ “A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez” has vanished from best seller lists.

Published in early May by HarperCollins with an announced first printing of 150,000, “A-Rod” has sold just 16,000 copies so far, according to Nielsen BookScan, which tracks about 75 percent of industry sales. The book sold 11,000 in its first week, then quickly faded.

At the Rizzoli Bookstore in midtown Manhattan, “A-Rod” has sold two copies. Twenty-seven copies have sold at Posman Books, based in Grand Central Terminal, but none in the past two weeks.

“I don’t think he’s ever been embraced by serious fans,” Logan Fox, a manager at Posman, said Wednesday. “He’s still considered an outsider.”

“A-Rod” fell off The New York Times’ hardcover list of nonfiction best sellers after three weeks, peaking at No. 9 in late May. As of Wednesday afternoon, the book ranked No. 2,904 on Amazon.com, where even James Frey’s discredited memoir “A Million Little Pieces”—at 1,776—is outselling it.

Ouch Selena, that really sucks for you.

It seems that not everyone can have their cake and eat it too. The Yankees have been rocking and rollin since A-Rod came back and he has been helping the Yankees fight for first place.

I hope the extra copies of you book keeps you warm at night Selena…..by using the books to help start a fire.

– The Falk

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