A-Rod Meets the Pope: Twitter Explodes

Alex Rodriguez finds soft landing at Mike Francesa’s WFAN studios Wednesday. YES NETWORK

Well Dressed and a Vest. Photo from NY Daily News

By now you’ve heard about new chapter the Alex Rodriguez saga. A-Rod stormed out of his arbitration hearing after MLB Commissioner Bud Selig aka”the man in Milwaukee” refused to testify. A-Rod marched right out of MLB headquarters and headed down to the WFAN studios to sit with the Pope himself: Mike Francesa.

This is when Twitter blew up; I spent almost an hour at work listening to the interview and reading the tweets regarding it. Here are the best ones, with a couple of mine sprinkled  in because I’m selfish.

WFANtrades ‏@WFANTrades1m

Say what you will about Mike. He’s killing the vest/dress shirt look. #BusinessCasualZaun

Mike Franceser ‏@MikeFrancesaNY32m

Everybody loves @AROD, ok. I told da city to believe in @AROD and da city listened. I speak foah New Yawk.

Jamie O’Grady ‏@JamieOGrady_6m

Give him this, ARod sounds far less canned and rehearsed than he ever has before. He may be schizophrenic, but he believes what he’s saying.

Mike Franceser ‏@MikeFrancesaNY7m

Im not a lawyah but dat made no sense to me, ok.

WFAN Audio ‏@WFANAudio14m

I just blew off my boss’ 4PM meeting for this. I mean, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. #MongoNation

Ross S ‏@StadiumInsider22s

Francesa is going down on A-Rod after the interview, yes? Just as friends, of course.

1st Ever FrancesaCon ‏@FrancesaCon52s

This is moah inspiring den Denzel in remembuh da titans

Mike Vaccaro ‏@MikeVacc1m

Shoeless Joe Jackson could’ve used talk radio in 1919 to sell his story. Bet Judge Landis wouldn’t have testified either.

Jonah Keri ‏@jonahkeri1m

Kids, you won’t remember this, but Mike Francesa was once a credible journalist with intelligent takes on college basketball.

E.J.Stankiewicz ‏@TheHappyRecap4m

Beginning 2016 “Mike and the Mad Rod”

Jonah Keri ‏@jonahkeri24s

Kids, you won’t remember this, but Alex Rodriguez was once a spectacularly likable shortstop for the Seattle Mariners.

B-ROE ‏@Mr_B_Roe23m

Somewhere Derek Jeter has a single tear sliding down his cheek

BarstoolJJ ‏@BarstoolJJ3m

How do we make @AROD the master of ceremonies for @FrancesaCon?

Craig Bishko ‏@The_Real_Bish1m

@FrancesaCon Are couples costumes (ARod and Zaun) allowed at the bar?

Mike Franceser ‏@MikeFrancesaNY2m

What would youah say to da man in Milwaukee? We know he is watchin, ok. Dis is on coast to coast (Take dat @KeithOlbermann)

Stacey Gotsulias ‏@StaceGots2m

This quote is amazing: Selig is “trying to destroy me. To put me on his big mantle on the way out, that’s a hell of a trophy.”

Dean McGowan ‏@deanmcgowan3m

Metta world arod

Benjamin Kabak ‏@bkabak37s

Agent Smith vs Neo wasn’t half as entertaining as this.

B-ROE ‏@Mr_B_Roe1m

Francesa missed a perfect opportunity to ask about the Centaur painting


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Hank’s Off-season Wish List

We all know who the average Yankee fan wants to sign: Everyone

We all know who Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner want to sign: Anyone who keeps them under 189 million dollars

That’s fine and dandy, but in order for the Yankees to get number 28 and restore the universe to order there’s only one man who’s opinion really matters:

Hank Steinbrenner

Hank has had a muzzle put on him since 2009, when he declared that the “National League had better get with the program” after Chien-Ming Wang got hurt running the bases…so he obviously knows what he’s talking about. Here’s a list of potential Yankee Targets and what Hank thinks about them

Robinson Cano– 300 million? Money is no object. Hell, lets make it a cool 400 million.

Jacoby Ellsbury– Red Sox Nation is a bunch of bullshit. He can take his scruffy little pre-pubescent beard somewhere else. he’s no Johnny Damon

Brian McCann– Warrior. We’ll need him to yell at opposing batters after CC gets taken deep

Shin-Soo Choo– HA! Like that’s even a real person. Nobody is stupid enough to believe that name. You’ll have to do better to outsmart me..I’m a Steinbrenner. We don’t believe in laughter. Not unless you play winning baseball. Then laughing is allowed.

Carlos Beltran– Guy is a winner. He is a 5 tool player. A game-changer. One of the best in the business. I base all of my opinions off of ten year old scouting reports.

Masahiro Tanaka– he’s not related to that fat toad Hideki Irabu right? What about that sunglasses wearing punk Kei Igawa? Ok good. I’ve got plenty of yen to spend. Drawers full of yen. Just no sunglasses allowed on the mound.

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Thanks for the Memories Mo


Thursday night I had the privilege of seeing the career of the great Mariano Rivera come to a close. I say privileged because Rivera is truly one of baseball’s great people. I was trying to write an article on how it was moving,  epic, or amazing, but honestly words cannot even come close to describing the feeling I had seeing him go.

I’ve been watching baseball as long as I can remember. My first MLB memory is coming out of the tunnel and seeing the green grass of Yankee Stadium as a 6 year old kid. The first full season I can somewhat remember is 1995, which was Mariano’s first season; point being, I’ve grown up watching Mariano.

Yankee fans my age have been spoiled rotten. We’ve had a baseball-less October two times since 1994, seen five World Series wins, seven pennants, and countless AL East Division Titles. The Yankee way of considering a season to be a unsuccessful one if there’s no parade down the Canyon of Heroes is ingrained in our baseball DNA, and Rivera is a part of all of that.

There was a brief moment in his final game, when Mo took mound again to warm up before the ninth inning, where the crowd died down to a hushed tone. It was as if 50,000 people all had the same thought of “this is the last time Mariano will ever be on this mound.” It was the saddest feeling I’ve ever felt watching a baseball game. Even the feeling of seeing my last game in the old Yankee Stadium (I loved that place) pales in comparison to Mariano’s night.

Lucky. Honored. Privileged. All words I can use to describe watching Rivera work his craft for his entire career. We will never see another player like him.

NY Daily News

I’m not going to try to sum up his career in a sentence, a paragraph, or even a novel. It can’t be done.

All I can say is:

Thanks for the memories Mo.

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According to the internet, a supernova  is an extremely energetic stellar explosion.  Supernovae can cause a burst of radiation that often briefly outshines an entire galaxy, before fading from view over several weeks or months.

Is Ivan Nova a supernova?

He has been absolutely dominant this year since making his way back from AAA, and after pitching his first career shutout on Sunday, has an ERA of 2.88 and a W/L record of 8-4. He has been the most reliable starter not named Kuroda for the bulk of the season and his consistency has been impressive.

He doesn’t have no-hit stuff like a Kershaw or Harvey, but Nova has turned into a pitcher this season. It felt like he was more of a thrower the past couple of seasons—getting by on decent stuff—but now it feels like he has a great understanding of how to set up hitters and use all of his pitches to their full effectiveness.

Is this what we can expect from Nova from here on out? Or his he just going to briefly outshine most pitchers and fade from view?


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Look Hughes Pitching


Phil Hughes with his patented “why did the ball go over the fence again?” look

I’m going to my fourth Yankee game of the year on Monday…I know, I know pathetic right?

Phil Hughes is pitching on Monday against the White Sox, which is normal, because he’s still a member of the Yankees rotation thanks to David Phelps’ and Michael Pineda’s bum arms.


I dealt with seeing Joba start four times in 2009, but I was helped immensely by the Yankees being the best team in baseball. This my be too much for me, especially now that essentially every game is a must win.

I don’t want a sympathy party thrown for me. I Just want to know why.

At least I’ll be sitting in the bleachers…maybe I can snag one of the five homers Hughes is due to give up.

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A Look Into the Past From the Future

This post is from the future archives of this blog

May 2018


It seems so long ago that we were witnessing true greatness in pinstripes. Now we are the laughingstock of baseball, mired in a deja vu like trance of 1980s proportions. The Mets have won a World Series and turned this baseball town awash in blue and orange.

Our captain did not go down without a fight, but after being shifted to right field in the final year of his contract, pride took over and he announced his retirement. Alex Rodriguez is unmercifully still here thanks to Hank Steinbrenner extending his contract, his reasoning being since the Yanks can’t produce a winning product the only way to market games is for fans to have the chance to boo A Rod and throw used hot dog wrappers at him. The outfield prospects of Heathcott and Austin never panned out, and our stud catching prospect forgot that you use the bat to hit the ball. Robinson Cano got his 300 million dollar contract and then decided that he wouldn’t leave the batters box unless it was a homer.

The Yankees are in shambles off the field as well. Hal walked away from his responsibilities when the Yanks became perennial cellar dwellers, citing that he was never the “Baseball guy” and he wanted to pursue other adventures, leaving the team in Hank Steinbrenner’s hands. Hank has become the Kim Jong Un of baseball, running the organization with a veil of secrecy and constant threats of leaving MLB. After Brian Cashman tragically died skiing Mount Everest for charity, Hank fired all of the front office staff and relies on his inner circle of trusted advisors, most of whom have never been seen.

As fans clamor for new ownership, Hank sits atop his perch in the ballpark (literally—its his box he built in place of the Mohegan Sun Bar in centerfield) without a care in the world. Ticket prices have driven all of the diehard fans out and the ballpark looks like the coliseum in Rome, oversized and empty. Hank, driven by a madness that even his father would consider insane, remains convinced that his course is the right one.

This Yankee team is long removed from the glory days of the Core Four. Now we are a joke, just like the Iron Man movie franchise. (I think Iron Man 8 was enough)

Let’s hope for a better future. As the saying goes, wait till next year.

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The Death of Tailgating

Even the "Bros" will be priced out soon

One of my favorite memories of going to Yankee games as a kid was tailgating. There was nothing like pulling in, grabbing the cooler, whiffle-ball bat and ball, and hanging out with my friends and family before a game.

Now, those memories have been priced out.

The old stadium was the best. After driving south for an hour, we would get off the Deegan, make an illegal U-Turn (my dad was a cop–perk of the job) and end up in the lot behind the Little League Field under the overpass.

Nothing beat it. Everyone would be grilling, eating, drinking, and throwing a ball around. Our van was always a popular one because we had the original ANSKY plate. If you have to ask yourself “what the hell is ANSKY?” then you better have been born after 1998.

Before leaving for the game my dad would tip the attendant a few bucks, telling him “I don’t care if the van is gone, just make sure they don’t take my plates.”

Also, watching the kid hawking hats for 10 bucks get chased by the cops through the parking lot was always entertaining. He always got a big cheer when he escaped though a hole in the fence.

With the new stadium, Metro North, and parking garages, tailgating is essentially done. Prices are going well over 30 bucks, and by the time you buy your ticket, gas,  food, bridges, tolls, and parking you are looking at easily a hundred bucks just to go to a game. Reports have come out that within the next few years, parking will be closer to 50 dollars.

No way am I paying that much to park. If you can’t take mass transit to a game, you better start saving now.

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