Choo Choo

The Yankees have done it again, pitching a wildly obnoxious contract to a player that they already signed in Ellsbury. Don’t get me wrong I like the upside of Shin-Soo Choo, but I’m not excited about the $140 million the Yanks were ready to toss at him when he is a 31-year old player that they would only get the last three years of his peak out of him. I’m happy they are willing to spend – not really, but fuck it…for the sake of argument – they are positioning themselves to be a team that wants to catapult themselves to the top of the AL East standings, a formidable division that did, in fact, feature the World Series champs of 2013. And they really have made some interesting moves that will help them make their way to one of the top offenses in the MLB.

It’s great to have a strong, dangerous lineup to trot out every game with, almost, every position hosting a player that could be an all-star. I’m excited at the prospect of every at-bat being a home run, with every pitch a stolen base and every game a victory. This Yankee lineup has the potential to win over 100 games and I truly believe that.

The only issue is that if you’re going to score 10 runs a game, you can’t give up 11. WHERE THE FUCK IS THE ROTATION HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy shit these guys want to throw money at long term contracts and for only hitters but now they don’t want to try and spend money to get pitchers. I would’ve even taken fucking Scott Feldman! Really though, the Yankees worked last year with 2 1/2 pitchers. The only consistent one was Kuroda, who, despite an incredible start, fell apart at the end of the year. CC was a complete mess – side note: I think he will have a bounce back year – and the rest of the rotation could barely hang on, although Pettitte was a very serviceable pitcher, he wasn’t the answer to the ultimate question of “where is the pitching on this team?”

So please, Yankees, please keep throwing money away on bats that are getting older. Please make sure you fill the seats with marquee names. Please don’t worry about the wins because we certainly don’t need them. And, finally, please make sure not to deal Gardner now so that we are stuck dealing him in the middle of the season so we can end up with Edison Volquez.


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