The Death of Tailgating

Even the "Bros" will be priced out soon

One of my favorite memories of going to Yankee games as a kid was tailgating. There was nothing like pulling in, grabbing the cooler, whiffle-ball bat and ball, and hanging out with my friends and family before a game.

Now, those memories have been priced out.

The old stadium was the best. After driving south for an hour, we would get off the Deegan, make an illegal U-Turn (my dad was a cop–perk of the job) and end up in the lot behind the Little League Field under the overpass.

Nothing beat it. Everyone would be grilling, eating, drinking, and throwing a ball around. Our van was always a popular one because we had the original ANSKY plate. If you have to ask yourself “what the hell is ANSKY?” then you better have been born after 1998.

Before leaving for the game my dad would tip the attendant a few bucks, telling him “I don’t care if the van is gone, just make sure they don’t take my plates.”

Also, watching the kid hawking hats for 10 bucks get chased by the cops through the parking lot was always entertaining. He always got a big cheer when he escaped though a hole in the fence.

With the new stadium, Metro North, and parking garages, tailgating is essentially done. Prices are going well over 30 bucks, and by the time you buy your ticket, gas,  food, bridges, tolls, and parking you are looking at easily a hundred bucks just to go to a game. Reports have come out that within the next few years, parking will be closer to 50 dollars.

No way am I paying that much to park. If you can’t take mass transit to a game, you better start saving now.


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