As Jeter Gets Closer, Ticket Prices Soar

What price are you willing to pay to see history?

The secondary market prices for Yankee tickets has skyrocketed for the next few games. As of Thursday morning, StubHub’s prices for the Tampa Series are way above face value.

The cheapest tickets for Thursday’s game are 20 dollars, which isn’t bad, but the chances of seeing Jeter get three hits in one game isn’t great. Friday and Saturday however, now that’s a different story. Friday’s cheap seats are going for 84 bucks, and there are left field obstructed-view seats available for 86 dollars a pop. So you get to pay 7 times the face value amount and see half of the game.

Saturday continues the trend, with the cheapest tickets sitting at 55 dollars. If you can’t get there by the subway, add in another 35 dollars to park, or a train fee, and you will really have to ask yourself, “What price am I wiling to pay to see 3,000?”

If Jeter gets two hits tonight, the prices will skyrocket for Friday. If he is sitting at 2,999 entering Saturday or Sunday expect those tickets to skyrocket as well.

I live about an hour and twenty-minute ride from Yankee Stadium, so usually I wait until I am just about to leave for a game to order tickets; they are much cheaper then. That philosophy isn’t going to work this weekend. If you want to see 3,000 you are going to have to guess the game right, or you will be paying a lot of money to see hits 3,003 and 3,004.


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