George Steinbrenner’s Best Television Moments

In honor of the late, great, George Steinbrenner’s birthday, also known as Independence Day, I bring to you his best moments.

Steinbrenner had a knack for using the media to his advantage, all in the name of getting more publicity for himself, and the Yankees.

George and Billy Martin for Miller Lite

It tastes great!

George on 60 Minutes with Ed Bradley

Steinbrenner admits to putting his foot through a television and being a sore loser. Also says that players shouldn’t be heroes unless they act like heroes. Now I see where Hank Steinbrenner gets it from.

Steinbrenner and Jeter Visa Commercial

Steinbrenner in the Conga line= priceless

Steinbrenner’s interview right after winning 1998 World Series

I love how he admits he knows nothing about computers. Also gave a lot of praise to a lot of people, not himself.

Steinbrenner helps ANSKY

The “ANSKY” guys’ commercials were popular at the end of the 90’s. “What the hell is ANSKY?” you ask? GOOGLE IT!!!

Steinbrenner on Seinfeld

“SINGLES TABLES ARE FOR LOSERS!”…”I don’t like putting undo pressure on people.”

Steinbrenner Hosts SNL

This was saved for #1 because it’s all about George.

Love him or hate him, George really did love New York, and all of the media attention being an owner brings. What else do you think should be on here?


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