Playing GM: Swisher for Sizemore?

Could Grady Sizemore be wearing pinstripes after the trade deadline?

Nick Swisher has come back down to earth this year after a stellar year last year. He’s come back down to earth and now it seems like he found a way to keep falling. His great hitting last year covered up his poor defense, which now become a liability with his bat not being able to make up for the lack of D. He is in the final year of his contract, and it doesn’t look like the Yankees will want to re-sign him if he continues his mediocre play.

This has lead to Swisher’s name being mentioned on the trade rumor mill, and rightfully so. He’s always been a solid player, but never a GREAT player, and this year proves that last year was most likely a fluke. The name Carlos Beltran has come up more than a few times, but I have another one that may surprise you:

Grady Sizemore

Sizemore, once as high of a caliber player you could in the outfield, dealt with knee problems the past two seasons, causing him to miss a good chunk of each season. The Indians are playing great baseball again, and that is due in great part to their young talent. Sizemore is a veteran on the young team even though he is only 28. A young star in the making is Indians outfielder Micheal Brantley, who brings a solid bad and defense to the table. He looks to be the lead-off hitter and centerfielder of the future.

Sizemore is currently (as of Tuesday, June 21) hitting .235 with 7 dingers. Sure those numbers aren’t spectacular, but he is a left-handed hitter. Put him in Yankee Stadium and I think the change of scenery would do him good. Putting him in rightfield would save some wear-and-tear that he would get playing centerfield, and he would be a huge upgrade defensively for Swisher.

Sizemore has a team option for 2012, which I don’t think the Indians will want to keep. Swisher would be a good piece for the tribe, giving them a veteran presence in a young lineup for the remainder of the year.

I know Swisher is a fan favorite, and personally I love his attitude and love for the game. Sometimes though, that just isn’t enough. This Yankees team is playing well, but they can still upgrade.


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