The Curious Case of Brett Gardner

Gardner is driving me crazy. Some days he's great, others awful. He really is a curious case

Watching the ESPN telecast last night, Bobby V enlightened me on the subject of Brett Gardner. Yes, learning something from an ESPN broadcast is shocking, but with Joe Morgan no longer in the both It’s easier to pay attention. Also, Is there a bigger bunch of losers than the Cubs’ fan-base? Seems like all of them are fat, have glasses, and most likely a fanny-pack as well.

Now to what I wanted to mention.

Valentine basically said that Gardner’s base-stealing problems have been because of his early season slump; when he would finally reach base, he would try to do too much. And although I don’t think Valentine saw Gardner’s horrendous baserunning the past couple of weeks, that is a logical explanation to why Gardner has slumped on the bases. I think Gardner will get back in a rhythm now that he is getting on base every time he gets up (that’s approximate).

He’s still no Carl Crawford though.



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