RANTING: Thoughts on the Boston Series

The Boston Red Sox stormed into New York for this series and absolutely demolished the Yankees. The Yanks failed in every aspect of the game. They were out-pitched, out-hit, out-fielded(is that even a word?) and looked like idiots on the base paths.

Boston laid the smackdown...this time with their bats

Remember in the off-season how people were saying that Crawford wouldn’t be that much of an upgrade over Brett Gardner? WRONG. Brett Gardner has all the talent in the world, but you know what folks? He’s dumb. Crawford scores on passed balls. Crawford has the guts to try to steal bases. Crawford knows how to take a walking lead. Crawford is a baseball player, a gamer. Gardner just seems to be showing up for work.

He is no Carl Crawford

And enough already with the “hit Ortiz” crap. A-Rod stares into the dugout everytime he hits a homerun, which might I add his pace has slowed down since he’s been off the juice. Nobody says anything about A-Rod staring in the dugout, so leave Ortiz alone. What, is Freddy Garcia going to retaliate with his 80mph fastball? Give me a break. CC hitting him really worked out well, didn’t it? Sure made the loss feel SO much better.

Sure Russell Martin is hurt, and Cervelli had to start. Cervelli is a AAA catcher; his defense has only gotten worse every year he has played. If we are going to have a bad defensive catcher, we might as well call up Montero.

In case you haven’t noticed, Russell Martin is no longer an all-star catcher. he is breaking down quickly and as of Friday is only hitting .238. A catcher coming off a major hip injury should not be playing in as many games as he has, but it must not say that in Joe Girardi’s binder.

Changes need to happen, young guys need to get called up. This team needs some life. It’s a miracle that they Yanks are even within a breath of first place considering the bad baseball they have been playing.

It’s ok though, same thing happened in 2009. Yankees lost 8 straight to Boston and were two games back. Will this team turn it around?

I’m not holding my breath.


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