Little Known Facts About Hank Steinbrenner

Hank watches Hal’s kids when Hal and his wife go on vacation. It’s like a sad, twisted version of Uncle Buck







After David Robertson started High Socks for Hope to help tornado victims, Hank started his own charity: Cigs for Kids








Hank Steinbrenner doesn’t tweet pics of his wiener. Put he does put photocopies of his ass in Fred Wilpons Mailbox.




















Hank Steinbrenner doesn’t take days off. You need to work in order to take days off





Fred Wilpon attended a seminar on how to speak to the media. Hank Steinbrenner was the keynote speaker













Hank likes speaking just like his Cigs: Unfiltered

George liked Hal better










When Hank Steinbrenner sings, it sounds like a mixture of Fergie and Jesus



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