The Jesus Dilemma

That’s Jesus, not Jesus. Got it? If you were looking for an article about the religious guy with a beard, you have come to the wrong place….


As of June 1st, that’s what Jorge Posada is hitting. A measly .169, which is up 17 points from a month ago, however Posada will be lucky to reach .200 by the end of the season. The Yankees are going to need production out of the 6-7 (or ninth!) spots in the order. Who could replace him?

The name you consistently read in blogs or get the # treatment on Twitter is Jesus Montero, the top Yankees’ prospect. Montero has proven he can mash AAA pitching (he is hitting over .300 through 43 games). His weakness however, is his defense behind the dish,but his future is not as a catcher. If he came up this year he would primarily play DH, and maybe get a spot-start at the plate every once in a while, but the majority of his innings would be just as a hitter.

But in the world of baseball it is not that simple. There are many problems that could arise from his promotion.

-If he just hits, won’t his trade value decrease?

-If he does catch occasionally, and is bad at it, won’t he lose trade value?

-If he doesn’t well in the majors, will he fall into the purgatory referred to as AAAA? Where he’s too good for the minors, but not good enough for the Majors.

-Is it fair to treat Posada this way after the career he has had?

-Who gets sent down when Montero gets called up?

These are just a few thoughts that come up when thinking about this problem. Yes, it is a small problem right now, but when it gets to be the final stretch of the season, and Posada is still hitting like a Little-Leaguer, it will be a much bigger problem.

Cashman is going to have a lot to think about when it comes to Jesus


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