Time for a Change

It's time for Gardner to leadoff

Brett Gardner should be the leadoff man. Jeter should be moved down in the order.

There, I said it.

Gardner has a .344 OBP compare to Jeter’s .311, and Gardner is hitting .274 compared to Jeter’s .261. Gardner bring more speed and versatility to the spot, which is something Jeter once brought himself, however age is catching up to the shortstop very quickly. Gardner has been on a tear lately, hitting over .350 in the last 30 games. It’s time to play the hot hand!

I know that Jeter is the captain of the Yankees, and a living Yankee legend, but there always come a time in a players’ career where there is a need for a change. Derek just isn’t a good enough hitter to hit leadoff anymore.

This change won’t happen until Jeter lets it happen, and let’s face it, he has too much pride to step down in the order. Girardi sure isn’t going to be the guy who moves Jeter down in the order. He isn’t going to want to ruffle his star player’s feathers like the owners and Brian Cashman did in the offseason.

I think the only guy with the cojones to do it is Hank Steinbrenner. Maybe it’s time for him to be manager?


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