State of the Mess…

The Mets hope to return to World Series glory...but how long will that take?

The NY Mets have been having a tough year so far, and let’s face it they’ve had a tough bunch of years. A good friend of mine, Matthew
“The Falk” Falkenbury, co-creator of The Daily Stache, a great blog about the Mets, answered a few questions for me as we get ready for 2011’s edition of the Subway Series. On an interesting side note, Matt came up with the name “Smoking With Hank” for this site in college, and helped get the site started, so he is always asking how our baby is doing. He jumped at the chance to contribute to the site.

Here’s what he had to say:

You have a new manager, how has Terry Collins done so far?

Terry is a Placeholder manager for when the organization finally gives Wally Backman a shot with the big club in my opinion. I dont agree with that being what I want, but I can see it happening. That being said, I actually find Terry Collins to have one trait that for me can mask his faults from time to time. The guy has a good pulse of his team, talks to the players and is a teacher and when he sees the Mets can get a win, he goes for it and doesnt screw around. The bunting so much should stop and he should trust the hitters, but I dont mind it as much as some other Mets Fans. Overall, I’m pleased.

Same with the GM, how would you evaluate his performance?

Sandy Alderson and for the most part, J.P. Richardi and Paul Depodesta have done a nice job of putting the non performing players on notice that they will have a chance to succeed but they wont give them too long to get their act together. The biggest deal is that the Mets are thought to have no money and then they bring in guys who are thought of as cheap and wont spend and the team’s payroll will take a nose dive. I dont think that will happen, but I think the Minor League system is gonna be built really well, and that when money is needed, they will have it. I would love for this team to be like those early 2000’s Oakland A’s with young pitching and a talented group on the offensive side where in the end, when the Money is needed to keep the talent. They keep it.

Deep down do you really want Jose Reyes to be traded? if so, what do you want in return?

Of course not. Jose Reyes is the best shortstop in New York today, the Best in the National League when healthy and maybe in all of baseball. But the injuries are the first concern and the second is the money going to be needed to keep him. Those two things combined makes it risky for the Mets to keep him. I want a Major League Ready Pitcher, a Top Pitching Prospect and a Infield hitting prospect at 2B or Catcher. My Ideal trade for the Mets would be to call the Giants and tell them we start with Madison Baumgarner and we go from there.

Do the dimensions of Citi Field annoy you?

There are moments where you thank the good lord that the park is as big as it is and there are moments where you wonder what in the world were they thinking when they build this thing. I would say that although its a subject that I normally put to the back burner since no changes can be made anyway for 2011, I think Sandy Alderson and the Ownership will move the fences in and may lower the LF Wall. I think everything is fine, I would just move up Home Plate 10 Feet and things would be a little more hitter friendly.

Do you think that the ballpark may keep potential free agents away?
Money is Money my friend. Do you think Pitchers will stay out of Yankee Stadium? Of course not. If the Mets can turn it around and are one piece away, Im very sure that they could, if neccessary bring in the power hitter needed to put the team over the top, IF that is what they need. Dont look at Bay or Wright when it comes to hitting home runs at Citi, Look at Ike Davis, he hits Monster shots and has no problem clearing the Fences.
As you can see, there are many changes occurring in Queens, and Matt is ready to go along for the ride. Make sure you check out his site, and follow him on Twitter @dailystache. Speaking of Twitter, there is going to be an epic Tweet-War this weekend, with Twitter-Bombs being dropped by both sides. So make sure you follow me too!


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2 responses to “State of the Mess…

  1. hank himself

    Jose Reyes is AT BEST the 3rd best shortstop in the National League, let alone all of baseball. Being a Yankee fan I could make a stretch and say Derek Jeter is the best defensive shortstop in all of baseball on account of his fielding percentage and his “gold glove” (wink wink) but we all know thats not true. Is Jose Reyes a talented ball player? Yes, very. Is he injury prone? Yes, very. Is he the best in his division? Not even close. I believe the Marlins have a guy on their squad, Hanley Ramierz? He’s pretty good. Better than Reyes. Oh, and how can I forget the best shortstop in baseball right now, some guy who plays out in Colorado, Troy Tulowitzki. Much better than Reyes. SO that being said, Jose Reyes a good shortstop? Yes. Worthy of a major league ready pitcher, top pitching prospect, and another HITTING infield or catching prospect. Let’s not dream.

    • Brenden

      I think realistically the Mets can get a young major league pitcher and a major league ready prospect for him, along with a couple A or AA prospects as well. Reyes has always had great potential, but he has either never reached it, or never had all of that potential in the first place. if i were a Mets fan I would hope they trade him, he isn’t worth the money he is going to get

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