HIP HIP!! Jorge?

Jorge Posada probably wishes he could have the last 2 days of his life back.

The veteran catcher and slugger, I mean former catcher and former slugger, reportedly asked out of the lineup after being demoted to the ninth spot in the order. Posada said he need a “mental break” and his back was sore from fielding groundballs at first earlier in the day.

Here’s the complete story from ESPN New York:

Brian Cashman said Jorge Posada knew the GM was going to address the media to explain why Posada was not in the lineup on Saturday night. Cashman’s claims contradict Posada’s account of what happened. 

Posada said he did not know Cashman was going to address the media during the game and seemed to be upset with him for doing so. Cashman told ESPNNewYork.com’s Andrew Marchand that he talked to Posada and his agent, explaining to both that he needed to provide a reason to the media for Posada’s absence. 

Posada was originally penciled into the lineup but told manager Joe Girardi before the game that he needed a day off to clear his head. 

“We were explaining to Jorgie and his agent, Seth Levinson, what we were going to say and that it would be short and sweet,” Cashman said. “The situation that was created by him, then he would have to explain himself after. It was as simple as that. It is common baseball practice to explain after someone is a late scratch in the lineup, they give a reason why.” 

“I was down there for an hour,” Cashman said. “In one instance I was on the phone with Seth and I actually had to hand the phone to Jorgie. I said, ‘Here.’ Jorgie knew exactly what was being said. This is not a surprise. I’m disappointed about what he said.” 

Posada said he was surprised Cashman had spoken to the media during the game. 

“I didn’t know he made a statement. I don’t know why he’s going to make a statement during the game, in the middle of the game. I don’t understand that. You know, so that’s the way he works now,” Posada said. 

When asked if he was mad at Cashman, Posada replied: “Well, we’ll see. I think we should have waited for the game to be over to talk to whoever’s doing the game. It’s kind of like, you’re not supposed to do that.” 

Posada has since apologized, saying that “he had a bad day”.

This story has turned into a he-said, he-said situation that is only getting uglier. The Yankees have a few choices in the matter:

Cut him- Pay the remainder of his contract for the season, but he is off the roster. This doesn’t necessarily mean the Yankees call up Jesus Montero.

-Play him- Maybe he was having a bad day and really did need a mental break. It’s pretty easy in the media-whirlwind of NY for something to get blown up much bigger than it is. Unfortunately this doesn’t look like its blown out of proportion, and even so, he has the lowest batting average in the Major Leagues. But remember, David Ortiz was on the verge of getting cut by Boston the past couple seasons before he turned it around each year. Jorge may not be as done as we think he his.

-Bench him- Sit Posada for a while. Let Andruw Jones DH. Get a rotation going where A-rod, Jeter and Tex all get days as DH and get a breather from the field. Posada isn’t the only one slumping but this would make him a scape goat. Posada is useless as a bench player, he can’t hit,can’t field, and would take up a roster spot better served for someone else.

-Suspend Him- Send the message that if you refuse to play, you will lose pay

What do you think will happen? What should the Yankees do?


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