Phillies Fans Boo Robot and its Educated Owner

So these engineering students spent over a month and a half building a robot to throw out the first pitch at a Phillies game.

Pretty remarkable right?

Well not according to Phillies fans, who after the Robot bounced one to the plate, promptly booed the robot and its creator off the field. That guy had probably had that idea for a while, and when his moment finally comes, he gets booed. Then again, we should expect nothing less from the same people who throw up on each other, and bring batteries to games to throw at players.

Here’s the video:

I know machines can throw a ball over a plate (go to the batting cages) however, when is the last time you saw one wheel itself out to a mound and throw?

I think its pretty cool. Phillies fans however, well they think it’s getting filed under “boo-able” right next to Santa Claus. I’ve even heard that they booed Jesus when he ressurected.

Happy Easter everyone…


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