A Fat Guy in Pinstripes

Twitter will be buzzing with fat jokes tonight as Bartolo (I like to call him Bro-tolo) Colon will be throwing the ball first for the Yankees tonight.  So far he has been effective, striking out 13 in 11 innings of work.

I’m going to chalk it up to the batters being shocked a man of his weight is considered to be a professional baseball player, not his 93mph two-seamer that has been extremely effective.

If the late great George Steinbrenner thought Yankee legend Hideki Irabu was a “Fat Toad”, I don’t even wanna know what he would think of Bartolo Colon pitching in the Yankee uniform.

The Yankees have pinstripes because they made Babe Ruth look slimmer, but unfortunately Colon is on the road tonight.

If the camera adds ten pounds, he must have eaten five of them. See what I did there?

In all honestly, it’s not about he looks, it’s about his stats at the end of the game and a “W” in the win column.

Bartolo colon will be throwing his weight at the Blue Jays tonight


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