Relighting the Cigs

"The National League still needs to get with th F&*king program"

Dear valued readers,

I have missed you dearly. Unfortunately other things in life kept me from writing: work, more work, and general laziness.

Enough excuses, it’s time to bust out a new pack of Marlboro’s.

Smoking with Hank is coming back to bring you the insight and hard hitting reports that you have missed dearly. (It really was Phil Hughes’ ass!) I may not recap every game, but I will promise to have some good stuff on here, whether its on or off the field issues, another Hank Steinbrenner quote, or just a great video or pic you need to see.

SWH had a great year in 2009, and so did the Yankees, as we all know they won their 27th World Championship. Then in 2010 the Yankees did make the ALCS, but lost to the Rangers. SWH did not have as great a year, with my blogging skills hanging around the Mendoza line.

Coincidence? Who knows? But I’m not going to risk it again.

I’m looking foward to a great season both on the field, and in the blogosphere. GO YANKEES!!!

I am looking for some bloggers!! Email me at if you are interested. No experience neccesary…just don’t suck.


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