“Where’s he gonna go, Cincinnati?”– Did Hank Speak?

In this article on Yahoo.com, writer David Brown says a “source within the Yankees” has been quoted as saying in regards to the Derek Jeter contract saga: “Where’s he gonna go? Cincinnati?”. The source remains unnamed, but in my eyes it could only have come  from one mouth. The same mouth that can put away a six-pack and a carton of  cigs in an hour. The bulldog that has said, “Red Sox nation is a bunch of sh*t” and that the “National League needs to get with the program.”

This quote is most likely another “Hankism” from the mouth of the legend himself. The man, no, the HERO, Hank Steinbrenner.

Am I the only one that hears the Foo Fighters lyrics "there goes my hero!" in my head when I look at this pic?












Folks, Jeter isn’t going anywhere. But he does deserve better than this. The Yankees need to give him what he wants. They have built up his pedastal to the smae heights as Mantle, Berra and other Yankee legends, and rightfully so. Hank once said, “these players are being paid a lot of money, they better decide for themselves to earn that money.”

Jeter’s earned his money, so they need to give it to him. Otherwise, this may not end well. He deserves better than what Bernie got.

And by the way, Cincinnati needs a shortstop.


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