Hughes Ass is This?

The overwhelming majority of commenters have concluded that the ass in question is none other than #65 Phil Hughes.

Here are some factors to take in:

-The ass is white, narrowing it down to a handful of players on the team.

-Tthe uniform in the lockers second digit is a 5

-Mark Teixeira (according to the lady commenters) most likely has a body of a Greek god, so he is ruled out.

-The only other white guy with a jersey containing the number 5 is Phil Hughes.

-The “assman’s” right arm has a tattoo

However, one big issue, brought up by commenter Adam, is that the ass in question could belong to a player standing next to the locker of either Teixeira or Hughes. In that case we may not have seen Phil Hughes ass, but Chad Gaudin instead.

That would be a travesty.

The mystery continues


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