Who’s Ass is That?

Another reason why live television and locker rooms don’t go well together.

After painstaking research I can tell you that I am 95% sure it does not belong to Robinson Cano or Curtis Granderson. We may not know who’s ass this is, but I do know one thing.

It’s a playoff-clinching ass.



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19 responses to “Who’s Ass is That?

  1. My morning is complete…for I believe this playoff-clinching ass is that of Phil Hughes.


    The jersey hanging ends in #5…must be Hughes or Tex, no?

  3. joe

    ok let’s take a closer look:

    the locker that the ass in question is standing in front of has a shirt with the last number ‘5’. i’m reasonably certain it isn’t joe dimaggio, so we can narrow down to three suspects:

    mark teixeira, 25
    sergio mitre, 45
    phil hughes, 65

    to my eye, the ass is a little pale to be mitre, so my educated guess is teixeira or hughes

  4. Brenden

    Hahaaa Good analysis so far guys, I think it may be Phil Hughes as well.

  5. lauren

    So the title should obviously be Hughes ass is that?

  6. Assman

    Note the tattoo on the inside of the right arm. Tex ain’t inked. That’s Hughes.

  7. Adam

    Isn’t it possible though that the 5 shirt is hanging in the longer next to the bare ass players’?

  8. Jim


    On the wrong arm, but you could assume he had the other one done, as well.

  9. bob saget

    whoever it is they got a tatoo on the right arm

  10. It’s wayyy big enough so, I’m going with Teixeira or “Huge” Hughes!!! Keep Clinching đŸ˜‰

  11. nicole

    I am 99.9% sure this is austin kearns!!! if i remember right the last time he played he lifted his sleeve and i saw a tattoo! and im pretty sure there is a little bit of a tattoo showing in this picture!!! so im thinking its #26 Austin Kearns

  12. Kelsey

    umm…Teixeira has a pretty big butt so i’m gonna say that bum belongs to hughes

  13. Jen

    I think Hughes is inked, but it’s on his left arm. It’d be hard for him to get inked on his right arm because he uses it when pitching.

    Perhaps the tee was just hanging not next to its owner.

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