5 Ways to Survive a West Coast Roadtrip

So Twitter was abuzz this week with Yankee fans complaining about how hard it was to stay up and watch those 10:05pm (est) games. The soothing play-by-play voice of Ken Singleton, which is normally my preference, does nothing to help fans stay awake. John Flaherty, the “RoboCop” of announcers doesn’t help much either.

Here are a few things to help you deal with the trips to the left coast:

1- YouTube Susyn Waldman’s infamous “Roger Clemens” call. Her shrieking is equivalent to about 5 shots of espresso.

2- Crack open a beer (or two) with one of those sweet Yankee bottle openers

3- Get pumped up with the most recognizable entrance song in the majors :

4- Icewater.

When a reliever doesn’t fold under pressure, they say he has “icewater in his veins”. How bout some icewater to the face?

Just don't jump in the Polar Bear's icewater

5- Watch Law and Order

So you think there’s nothing on TV during the hours of 7-10pm? Guess again. With a west coast trip, the time slot that is normally filled with Yankee baseball is now left wide open, but you don’t want to fall asleep. In steps Law and Order, which I believe runs 24/7 in TNT. There is no way you can turn the TV off or fall asleep in the middle of an episode; it’s been scientifically proven to be impossible.

You may start to doze off…but then, BOM BOMMMM!!!

The Yanks won’t be back on the west coast until June 27th, when they’ll face the Arizona Diamondbacks and LA Dodgers.


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