Aaron Boone Retires

AARON BOOOOOONE!!!!!!!- Charlie Steiner

Although he spent very little time with the Yankees (only 54 games), Aaron Boone added to the legacy of the pinstripes.  It was Boone’s home run off Tim Wakefield that vaulted the Yankees into the 2003 World Series; with that swing being one of the most memorable moments in recent Yankees history.

Boone also helped the Yankees when he injured his knee after the 2003 season during a pickup basketball game.  This could go down as the most important basketball injury in Yankees history as the Yanks were able to pick up arguably the best player in Alex Rodriguez.

In May 2009, as a member of the Astros, Boone underwent open heart surgery to repairan aortic valve.  He remarkably returned to baseball later that September.

Boone has also done well off the field, as he is married to Playboy’s Miss October 1998 Laura Cover.

He finished his 54 game Yankee career with 6 homers, 31 RBI and a .254 avg. and will now be on ESPN as an analyst.


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