Did Mo Throw a Spitball?

Check out this video from Youtube:

The notion that Mo had thrown a spitball has been debunked thanks to Deadspin.

Apparently an Angels fan put this on Youtube….no surprise there.



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4 responses to “Did Mo Throw a Spitball?

  1. It’s impossible for me to believe that his entire 15-year dominance of Major League hitters has merely been the result of some performance enhancing saliva. So I don’t think he’s a habitual hawker. But if he did resort to cheating last night I’m gonna have to say “bad form!” Though it pains me to do so.

    • Brenden

      looks like he didn’t…check out the link to deadspin that I just added to the bottom of the article
      And if he did have performance-enhancing saliva, he should bottle that stuff and sell it to washed up pitchers like myself

  2. No he didn’t and I have a new least favorite blog. (Hint: it’s not you guys).

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