Relighting Hank’s Cigs

So I just moved into a new apartment up at college and it has taken over a week to get internet. Hank tried to help me fix it, but we ended up drinking a ton of booze and Hank passed out in a puddle of Jack Daniels with cigarretes slowly burning his exposed chest.

After Hank woke up the next morning with a mouth full of cigs he had smoked the night before, he suggested that I get with the 21st century and get the internet.

So now I’m back online, and although classes and clubs are handing me a new one, I promise that this will continue to be the site you can turn to when you need that fix we yankee bloggers like to call “Hankotine”

Enough with my lame jokes, stay tuned for updates on all things Yankees, plus how I got to go on the field for Yankees batting practice.




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