What To Do On An Off-Day

So the Yankees have an off day today…..what the heck is there to do?  If you’re a Yankee fan, your day is usually planned around watching the game, so you were pretty much screwed until now.

Here are the best things to do on an off-day:


It may finally not rain in the northeast today, which is rarer than Joba reaching the eigth inning.

-Make a “David Roidtiz” shirt for this weekend-

Just make sure you wear it over your A-Rod jersey.

-Watch Yankees Classics-

Today it’s the legendary game where and I am quoting Direct TV’s info button on this one “Alex Rodriguez hits his 564th home run to pass Reggie Jackson; Yankees defeat Mets 9-1 due to numerous errors by the Mets. From June 26, 2009”.

So we have Giambi’s grand slam home run, Guidry striking out 18, Yankees- Red Sox, and then the Mets making 7 errors.  Seriously, how is that game a Yankee Classic?

Following Yankees Classics will be the highly anticipated premier of Yankeeography: Jerry Hairston Jr.

-Read a book!-

Yes, there are actually things with words on them that you don’t have to hit a power button to read. 

I highly recommend Tim Kurkjian’s: Is this a Great Game or What?

Good, funny book for baseball fans

Good, funny book for baseball fans

-Wish the Yanks had Roy Halladay-
Cause he is probably going to dominate the Yanks tomorrow
-Catch up on some sleep-
The Yanks head to the west coast soon, so you might want to rest up now.
That’s why I got one of these baby’s shipped to my house:
Micheal Jackson not included...what...too soon?

Michael Jackson not included...what...too soon? It's never too soon


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