Where is George?

Yankees owner George Steinbrenner (aka Hank’s father) just celebrated his 79th birthday this past fourth of July and it got me thinking: Where is George?

Steinbrenner is more than an owner, he is an icon.  Name another owner who has hired/fired 20 managers in a 30 year span.

How about fire one of those managers 5 separate times?

What other owner has been parodied on one of the highest rated shows of all-time?  Hosted Saturday Night Live?

How about win 6 World Series titles?

Up until the past couple years, baseball fans could expect to hear a Steinbrenner quote at least once a month.  Now, things are very different.

When you think of Yankee owner George Steinbrenner, you think of a man who is not afraid to voice his opinion.

George voicing his opinion to Torre

George voicing his opinion to Torre

Due to what is most likely health problems, his opinion hasn’t been heard in a long time. 

Steinbrenner’s health came into question a couple of years ago when he fainted at a friends’ funeral.  Since that time, he has made less trips from Tampa up to the Bronx , with the most notable being his appearance at last year’s All-Star game.

Yogi and George during the last year at Yankee Stadium

Yogi and George during the last year at Yankee Stadium

Hank and Hal are now at the helm of the Yankees empire and have taken the same ownership style as their father.  Hank is definitely the quote machine that his father was, while Hal does his work behind the scenes.

A few years ago, if the Yankees played a bad game like they did on Saturday, George would be the first person quoted in the next morning’s paper.  Now, even Hank doesn’t say anything to the press after putting his foot in his mouth more than once last year.

George has wanted a new stadium for years and he finally got to see his new stadium host it’s first game this past April.  Let’s hope he can see his team win one more championship as well.

The reason why I am writing this is because love him or hate him, you have to respect George Steinbrenner.  He is an owner who has done everything in his power to try to help the Yankees win championships. 

What more can a fan ask for?


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