What If? Moments That Could Have Changed Baseball History

What if….

Boston never traded Babe Ruth?

There would never have been any “1918” chants. Yankee Stadium may have been built differently. The Yankees would have still been good, but there would be no murderer’s row.

This could have possibly changed the entire Yankee organization as they would have not have had the greatest ballplayer of all time.

Boston needed the money, so maybe Ruth would have been traded somewhere else.

Would the Yankees have created such a majestic original stadium?…I doubt it.

The Yankees traded Mariano Rivera before 1996?

 Believe it or not, but the Yankees almost traded Mo before the 1996 season because they weren’t sure Jeter was ready to play SS full time.

There is no way the Yankees have their dynasty, Rivera is the most unreplaceable player from those teams. I’ll give them one World Series win instead of four.

Rivera could still be a starter right now on some other team.

Weird to think about, isn’t it?

 Baseball players never took steroids?

Our most cherished records would still be intact. Sad thing is, most of the guys who took them (A-Rod, Manny, McGuire, Bonds) would still be Hall of Fame caliber players without them.

Jose Canseco would be irrelevant.

The Minnesota Twins were contracted?

Remember when the Twins were on the chopping block? They have been consistent winners since then. Where would Mauer and Morneau be?

The All-Star game didn’t count?

It would make sense again. Seriously, that is the stupidest thing in sports…other than Bud Selig.

Buckner fielded that grounder?

The curse would have been reversed earlier and Buckner would be allowed to stay in Boston.

Mets fan would have nothing to fall back on when their team lets them down again…and again…..and again.

The 1994 strike never happened?

The two best teams at the time, the Yankees and the Expos, may have been in the World Series. The Expos may have kept their great young talent and could still be around today. Baseball would not need to have been saved in 98′.

Players didn’t lose some of their best years to WWII?

Ted Williams, Yogi Berra, Jackie Robinson, and Bob Feller, just to name a few. Their stats would be better, but this country is safer because of them and all other players who have served.

Mickey Mantle treated himself better?

Could have been the greatest player of all-time. May have broken Ruth’s home run record.

The Dodgers and Giants stayed in NY?

No Mets, which would have saved a lot of broken dreams over the past few years. We could be heralding Ebbets field and the Polo Grounds as one of the great old ballparks along with Fenway Park and Wrigley Field.

Pete Rose didn’t bet on baseball?

He’d be in the Hall of Fame as one of the most revered players of all-time.

Ken Griffey Jr. wasn’t injury prone?

I can honestly say he would be nearing 800 home runs. Still the greatest player his era, he could have possibly been the greatest of all time.

There was no Wildcard?

Boston would have not broken the curse in 2004 and the playoffs would not nearly be as interesting as they are.

The Cubs let that goat into the stadium?

The perenial losers may have actually won a World Series…which is something they will never do.

Chicks didn’t dig the longball?

There wouldn’t be a DH.





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2 responses to “What If? Moments That Could Have Changed Baseball History

  1. Subjunctive sports history! I like it.

    To think most people spend their time wondering about political events happening differently or not at all.

    Or how much better or worse would Vertigo</i? have been if Gregory Peck was cast in Cary Grant’s part?

  2. Daniel Romo

    You may like a poem on my site pertaining to Buckner.- Dan

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