Fake Umps Invade Evil Empire

Yankee fans may have experienced deja vu when they turned on the game today.  They saw two men dressed as umpires right behind home plate mimicking the calls made on the field.  The umpires made their original appearance last time the Yanks played in Toronto.

Joe Farrell and Tim Williams from Toronto are beginning to make the rounds as this is the third Major League Park they have visited.  Last month, they were spotted in Washington

Their routine is usually reserved for when the Blue Jays are in the field, but they showed respect for Mariano by wearing their masks and making the calls while he was on the hill as well.  They are two die-hard Blue Jays fans, but they have brought some fun to the game that all fans can enjoy. 

They must have some money, look at where they were sitting.  Unless they have a good connection, they paid a pretty penny for those seats.

The Umpires made their first appearance on the Yes Network a couple months ago.


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