Smoking With Hank Hits the Road: PNC Park in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, the Steel City.

One of the most blue collar places on the planet.  Home of the hardest hitting football team and Stanley Cup winning Penguins.  With two championships this year, Pittsburgh is arguably one of the best sports cities in the country.  As their motto goes “Ice or Grass, we’ll kick your ass”.

The sport that has recently been left out of the winning is baseball.  The Pirates have been the hitting post of the NL Central, and although they are playing decent ball this year, they are perennial losers.  The Pirates are an easy team to overlook, but their stadium is not.

PNC park opened in 2001 and was showcased when it hosted the All Star game in 2006.  With the Pirates playing in very few nationally televised games, PNC Park has been the most overlooked ballpark in baseball.  As a baseball fan who has already been to Tampa, New York (both Yankee stadiums and Citi Field), Baltimore, Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Montreal, I was looking forward to see if Pittsburgh had a great stadium of their own.

The Pirates boast a very fan friendly atmosphere with very nice ushers and concession workers.  Speaking of the concessions, there were more food stands than I have ever seen at a stadium.  It felt like that Lewis Black “Starbucks” joke, I turned around from a hot dog stand and saw another one across from it.

PNC has what could be the best view in baseball.  I had a seat for 27 dollars which put me about 30 rows behind home plate.  Those same seats in Yankee Stadium go for over 300 bucks.  Going to a game with a 7:05 start gave me a chance to see that view during the day and night, with each being equally as good. 

Although the baseball team hasn’t won, the fans in the city still support the team, with tons of people wearing Pirates gear.  The game I went to was a near sellout, but I was told by a local that it was only because it was fireworks night.  They shut down a couple of city blocks, including the famous yellow bridge (that is directly behind the center field wall) just so people could walk to a game.  With my hotel being only a couple of blocks away, I took full advantage of the walk.

The only negatives I could find were lack of vendors in the crowd.  I only saw a couple of vendors (beer and soda, no food) in my section, which probably sat a couple hundred of people.  I attribute this to the above average crowd, but it is still something the Pirate organization should be prepared for.  It really wasn’t a big deal, and maybe the fans there are used to it; not every stadium is run the same way.

PNC Park offers a small-time feel in a big city.  It has beautiful views, a great riverwalk, plenty of vendors, and just an all around great atmosphere.  Once the Pirates get back on the map, their stadium will as well.  Until then it will be a diamond in the rough.

Pictures up later today….



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2 responses to “Smoking With Hank Hits the Road: PNC Park in Pittsburgh

  1. Dan Finnegan

    As a Pirates fan, took my wife and kids to a Sunday game at PNC Park, sat in the Clemente seats. Loved every minute of it, the ballpark was gorgeous, the sight lines were excellent as advertised, ate at Manny’s. Kids got to run the bases after the game, memories galore. Pirates lost 1-0 to the Astros, but overall an excellent visit to the park.

    • yanksbeatbosox

      I drove seven hours to get there and it was definitely worth it. I wish I had more time to explore the city but I was just there for one night. It is a great stadium because there is not a bad seat in the house
      Thanks for the comment!

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