Welcome to Miami: Yankees Battle Future Yankees?

Susan and John are loving it down in Miami

Susan and John are loving it down in Miami



The Yankees have headed down to where A-Rod grew up in the Domincan Repu….I mean Miami, I forgot, he only gets his roids in the Dominican.  Anyways, the Yankees are definitely enjoying the clubs and sand Miami has to offer. 

Yankees brass is enjoying something else: Scouting

After sending Hank away to go build sandcastles, Hal and Cashman have most definitely been keeping an eye on the talent the Marlins have on their roster. 

Wouldn’t Hanley look great in pinstripes in a few years? 

Let’s stick with this year for now.

Right now the Marlins have something the Yankees need: a set-up man in the form of Marlins closer Matt Lindstrom.  Other than shutting me up about needing Joba in the pen, Lindstrom can throw a 100 mph fastball and, as we have seen over the first two games of the series, poise to get the best hitters in the AL out.

I think the Yankees should reach out and take a shot at trading for Lindstrom.  They may have to give up a young arm or two like Kevin Robertson, but it would be worth it for the short and long term success of the team.



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