Umpiring Crews Have Fans Too

The infamous Toronto umpires are at it again, and this time they have taken their act on the road. 

The matchup of the Blue Jays and Nationals would be nothing to write about except for the fact that a couple of guys were dressed up as umpires, mimicking the moves and calls of the umpires out in the field.  My esteemed colleague Matthew broke the story a few weeks ago when these guys were in Toronto. 

These “Fake Toronto Umpires” are probably the only guys hanging by the dugout waiting for Tim McClelland’s autograph.

Check out the photos here




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5 responses to “Umpiring Crews Have Fans Too

  1. Absent for game 3! Sigh, come back, guys!

  2. DC Sports Chick

    Love them! Glad they came to visit.

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