Top Five: Things to do in the Bronx for 5 1/2 Hours

Good Things come to those who Wait....Unless your a Yankee Fan

Good Things come to those who Wait....Unless your a Yankee Fan

When the New York Yankees and the Washington Nationals finally played this past Thursday after a nearly five hour and thirty minute rain delay, I could only think of one thing….

If I spent what it takes to get tickets to the House that Steinbrenner built, I would wait all friggin day and night If I knew there would be some kind of baseball activity going on after the wait. Even if I knew that one of teams was of Double A Quality….(of course that turned out to be the Yanks after they lost 3-0 to the Nats, the 18-46!!! NATS)

For most of the fans, they didn’t want to wait it out and figured that if anything, the Yankees would own up to this insane rain delay and give out like a free ticket or something to the fans that didnt stick around the South Bronx.

Once the game began, the Yankees would let people move down to better seats, (NOT THE MOAT SEATS, ONLY BRENDEN AND HANK ARE ALLOWED ACROSS!!!!) and sll the people who had tickets, even the ones who stayed got free tickets to another game.

But after all that, I was wondering, what are the Top Five things that people could have done while waiting all that time to finally see the Yankees end up just mailing it in against the worst team in Baseball.

Well, after some careful thought and a shot of Smirnoff or five, here they are, The Top Five things to do in the Bronx for 5 1/2 Hours….Enjoy!!

5. Figure out everything wrong with Alex Rodriguez since he joined the team.

Not clutch, a pretty boy, a walking head case, steroid user, overpaid….Its a start and we all know there is more then enough things to mention to fill up a good 5 1/2 hours.

4. Place bets on the amount of accidents on the Major Deegan Expressway.

On a rainy day during late afternoon and rush hour traffic, whatever your buddy is giving you as a number, take the Over.

3. Name the entire Washington National Roster

Ryan Zimmerman….Adam Dunn….uh….uh….Ryan Zimmerman, no wait I said him already, Oh wait I got one, Adam Dunn, right?….I mentioned him already? Damn….Well I’m stumped.

2. Talk about Joba being a Starter or a Reliever

He Should be a Starter!….No, He Should be a Reliever…..Your a Moron!….No Your a Moron!….(This could take longer then 5 1/2 Hours)

1. Try to guess how many empty seats their would have been for a 1 pm game against the Nationals on a good day.

Good luck with this one, All I know is that, if your a Yankee fan who decided to spend his or her day going to an Afternoon game to watch them play the friggin Nationals is a die hard of epic proportions. Of course if you were one those crazy bastards that stayed through the rain delay, you deserve a Medal.

Well, I couldn’t think of anything to do better in the Bronx then those five things right there….Agree? Disagree? Tell Me about it in the Comments and Have a Nice Day!

– The Falk


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