Moron of the Month: Brett Farve

The Tears just get funnier and funnier

The Tears just get funnier and funnier

Hello Everyone, the friendly neighborhood Falk is back (Cue the theme to Welcome back Kotter) and is giving you the June edition of the Moron of the Month.

For this month, SWH has decided that the winner is Brett Farve!

He has a wonderful career in Green Bay, decides to retire, comes back to the Jets, ruins them, retires and even though he said he wouldn’t come back….Guess What!


Brett Farve is about to make another comeback after having surgery on his shoulder as reported by ESPN aka the All Farve Network

Something he refused to do when the Jets told him he should do that and now after they offically released Farve, he’ll get to go to Minnesota and help set them back all so he can get back at the Packers for not letting him comeback.

Brett Farve….You sir are a Moron and join the ever growing list of Morons of the Month here at SWH.

The only question that remains unanswered is whether or not John Madden is on his way back too…..

Watch out Chris Collinsworth, your time is running out quickly.

-The Falk


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