Even the A-Rod Book Doesnt Come Through in the Clutch

Selena Roberts = Epic Fail

Selena Roberts = Epic Fail

Lets rewind a few months ago when Sports Illustrated broke the biggest story to date in Baseball when it claimed Alex Rodriguez had tested positive for Steroids.

The author of the article, Selena Roberts was all over Television and was becoming the female version of Woodward and Bernstein.

A-Rod had been found out and Selena was being looked at this great author who then was gonna hit the double play with an entire book about A-Rod that would come out right around the Opening Day for the Yankees at their new ballpark. It was gonna easily be a best-seller.

The A-Rod got hurt, so the publisher moved the date back of when the booke would debut and it seemed only perfetc to have the book come out when A-Rod returned.

Yet, as we all know….Life isnt fair.

Lets have the AP explain this further.

Remember that tell-all book about A-Rod?

Just a month after making headlines with its allegations that the New York Yankees star likely used steroids as far back as high school, Selena Roberts’ “A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez” has vanished from best seller lists.

Published in early May by HarperCollins with an announced first printing of 150,000, “A-Rod” has sold just 16,000 copies so far, according to Nielsen BookScan, which tracks about 75 percent of industry sales. The book sold 11,000 in its first week, then quickly faded.

At the Rizzoli Bookstore in midtown Manhattan, “A-Rod” has sold two copies. Twenty-seven copies have sold at Posman Books, based in Grand Central Terminal, but none in the past two weeks.

“I don’t think he’s ever been embraced by serious fans,” Logan Fox, a manager at Posman, said Wednesday. “He’s still considered an outsider.”

“A-Rod” fell off The New York Times’ hardcover list of nonfiction best sellers after three weeks, peaking at No. 9 in late May. As of Wednesday afternoon, the book ranked No. 2,904 on Amazon.com, where even James Frey’s discredited memoir “A Million Little Pieces”—at 1,776—is outselling it.

Ouch Selena, that really sucks for you.

It seems that not everyone can have their cake and eat it too. The Yankees have been rocking and rollin since A-Rod came back and he has been helping the Yankees fight for first place.

I hope the extra copies of you book keeps you warm at night Selena…..by using the books to help start a fire.

– The Falk


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