Why the Yankees Are Going to Win it All

I am normally very objective, but I am about to throw that all out the window.

The Yankees are going to the World Series.

We have the best first baseman, the best third baseman, and the best shortstop in baseball.

We have an all-star second baseman in Robinson Cano, a great hitting left fielder in Johnny Damon, and a solid DH in Hideki Matsui. Melky Cabrera has become “Mr. Walk-off” with clutch hits coming whenever the Yankees need it.

Not only that, but these guys can play some defense, being among the leading teams in fielding percentage. Defense wins championships, and adding in their hitting and pitching makes you want to start getting ring sizes.

CC Sabathia anchors the staff, AJ Burnett is going to be his dominant self, Phil Hughes is a great up-and-coming pitcher while Joba Chamberlain is shutting up all of the critics who say he should be in the pen. Andy Pettitte also provides solid veteran leadership and innings every five days, as well. The Yankees expected Wang to come up big this year, and, so far, he hasn’t, but they are still in first place.

We have the best closer in baseball history. For how bad the bullpen had been, they have turned it around.

Posada and Molina get hurt? No problem. Let’s call up a AA catcher in Francisco Cervelli. He promptly calls a great game helping CC who can get a shutout as well as hit over .350.

The chemistry on this team is better than it has been years, and that will only help the winning continue for the rest of the year.

I am sick of the “Yankees Suck” chants, especially when the Yankees are kicking the snot out of your team. I’m talking to you, Rangers fans.

So have fun facing this lineup the rest of the year:

Jeter, Damon, Teixeira, Rodriguez, Cano, Posada, Matsui, Swisher, Cabrera

That is the 2009 version of Murderer’s Row. The Bronx Bombers are back.

Go ahead, leave a comment about how the Yankees only win because they spend the most money. At least they spend the money they make.



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