Extra Umpires Cant Help Blue Jays


(for updated info on the fake umps in Yankee Stadium on July 3rd, click here)

While watching the Yankee replay this morning on the YES Network, I noticed something odd going on in the seats behind home plate and to the left of the screen. Guys dressed as MLB Umpires doing the same motions as the real ones on the field.

They of course didnt help out their beloved Blue Jays as Andy Pettitte was able to shut down those Canadian bats to lead the Yankees to an 8-2 Win, but the stars of the night are the two guys above.

Now its not known as of this point who these guys are, but I really want to know where exactly they found those uniforms and which one of em was the genius that came up with this idea.

I mean its almost like someone going to a Star Trek convention and dressing up as the Security Guard working the Spock autograph station.

Of course when you can get the legendary Ken Singleton and Al Leiter to become distracted and have them laughing throughout the entire 4th inning, then you have done something productive.  

Many kudos to you guys, you crazy Canadians, its good to see that during another playoff-less year by the beloved Maple Leafs that the baseball fans up north can be creative and humorous all at the same time.

Added at 11:50 pm

Here is the Video from You Tube of these fans being umpires. Classic Stuff

-The Falk

Thanks to Deadspin for the Picture



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12 responses to “Extra Umpires Cant Help Blue Jays

  1. I posted a video of these guys on youtube. I thought it was awesome.
    Of course MLB advanced media removed the video stating it was a violating copyright.
    I wish the guys would come forward, that was great, I am thinking about doing it at Yankee stadium

  2. yanksbeatbosox

    It was the most original thing any fan has ever thought of. It would be cool to see how they thought of it….I think they should travel around to each stadium and do it.

    I thought about doing it too, if I ever get to sit that close…which is not likely.

    Enjoy the fame if you do get to pull it off. Try not to do it on the night that one umpire who screams striiiiiiiiiiike!! is calling the game, you may have a stroke trying to mimick him.

    Thanks for the read,

  3. AJ Mac

    If your watching right now they are at the blue jays v nationals game in washington. Same spot right behind home plate

    • yanksbeatbosox

      I don’t get the game but I will definitly be checking baseball tonight later on ESPN. Thanks for the update!

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  5. I’ve seen them in yesterday’s and today’s games, right behind home plate. These guys are the show-stealers, I love them! And they were willing to travel to Washington this time! AND they got to participate in the “President’s Race”, to boot!

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  8. Jane

    These fake umps are gay! If i was sitting behind them I’d kick them both in the head

  9. RedDragon

    These guys are funny for about 1 inning. I’d hate to be the ones sitting behind then and have to stare at their backs after every single foul ball. Pretty annoying.

    • yanksbeatbosox

      Expecially since the people sitting around them are sitting in the really expensive seats…..I would probably end up getting in a fight with them for getting in the way

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