Moron of the Month

Manny Being Moron

Manny Being Moron

The new installment of Moron of the Month is here!

The easy guess would be Manny Ramirez, cause lets face it, he is a moron.

Well, thats not quite where were going with this…

The Moron of the Month is YOU.  You know who you are….you’re the fan who was surprised by Manny taking steroids.  You’re also the one reading this saying “hey, it wasn’t roids…it was a fertility drug” 

Your the one who thinks that every time Jose Canseco tells you someone else was on the stuff, you think he is a goon with nothing better to do. Lets just chalk up another point for Jose.

Unless Manny is in the midst of a sex change, there is no reason for him to take that drug unless he’s trying to cover up high levels of testosterone; which, by the way, is due to the use of steroids.

So congrats to you, the naive baseball fan.  You are the Moron of the Month.

-Brenden and The Falk


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