Is It Time for Girardi to be Fired?

We all remember where we were when it happened. The third inning of Game 6 of the 1996 World Series against the Defending Champion Atlanta Braves, Greg Maddux on the mound, the Yankees and their light hitting catcher they picked up from the Rockies at the plate.  

With one crack of the bat, and a circle of the bases towards the biggest triple in Yankees History, Joe Girardi had just helped to start the Yankees late 90’s dynasty and was now part of Yankee lore forever.

Now lets fast forward to today, May 5th, 2009.

Joe Girardi is now the 32ndmanager in Yankees history. The former National League Manager of the Year has a record of 180-170 in 2 + seasons with the Florida Marlins and Yankees andhas 102-86 record as Yankees skipper. So what exactly is the problem with Girardi that I would think that the Yankees should fire him? 2 Reasons…

His 9-13 record against the Red Sox and the 0 postseasons he has been apart of since he became a Manager in 2006 with Florida.

Now the Florida situation was a no win situation for him and as such, Jeffrey Loria is a crazy owner. Though when after 13 years of making the playoffs, Girardi cant seem to get it together to help the Yankees make it 14 is mind blowing.

Then to add on the fact that this current edition of the Girardi led Yankees are as consistent as the stock market, it begs the question, When is enough going to be enough?

The Yankee bullpen has been a joke in the two years under Girardi, the injuries that this team has suffered when it comes to muscle pulls is frustrating and the lack of consistencywith Runners in Scoring Position still has me scratching my head raw.

To me when I watch Girardi come out of the dugout to take another bad pitcher out of a game and I see that 27 on his back, I don’t think of his stated goal of bringing us our 27th world championship, I think of a bulls-eye.

The Yankee players look like they are just going through the motions, as if they feel they are entitled to a playoff spot. It seems that Girardi is trying to find the right line between being laid back andbeing fired up with his players. Girardi was not cut out for this job and its beginning to show more and more every day. 

The Yankees need to find their version of Red Sox Manager Terry Francona. A skipper who has the trust of the players, fans and media alike. It seems that Girardiwas over his head when he was with the Marlins and that is certainly the case when it comes to his career as Manager of the Yankees.

It was 13 years ago that bringing in Girardi helped lead to one dynasty and It may come to letting him go that may help to start another.


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