The Fighting Hanks Travel to Fenway


This is the kind of weekend that has the suits at the Fox baseball saliva

ting as The New York Yankees will make the trip up I-95 to Fenway Park to take on the Boston Red Sox.

Over the years this rivalry has been as hot as ever before. Villains like Pedro Martinez, Curt Schilling, Many Ramirez, Dave Roberts, Kevin Millar are no longer around from those wars in 2003-2004 but this rivalry has new enemies that have come about the past few years to join with David “Big Papi” Ortiz as Sawx that Yankees Fans love to hate.

Today Smoking With Hank will bring you another edition of the top five, where we will look at five current Boston Red Sox that get the blood boiling to even the biggest fans of the Yanks.

082408_beckett 5.  Josh Beckett- Although the hatred for Josh Beckett is rooted in his Game 6 performance in the 2003 World Series as a Florida Marlin, since he has been a Red Sox, the Yankee fan enjoys bombing this guy. An ace for the Red Sox since his trade from Florida and already a World Series Champion there, he is a great pitcher whose numbers in the regular season aren’t great against the Yanks. Then again, seeing him in a Red Sox uniform after his performance in 2003, is more then reason enough for Beckett to be hated. (Career vs. NYY: 12 Starts, 7-4, 5.33 ERA, .280 BAA)

1288973_4c026b310d 4. David Ortiz- Ask this same question 5 years ago and Big Papi is in the top two, depending on the Yankee fan you asked and his hatred of Curt Schilling and Pedro Martinez. This guy in 2004 really helped the himself get on a this list with clutch hits in Game 4 and 5 of the ALCS en route to the 0-3 comeback by the Sawx in 2004 that Yankee fans today now loathe him. Although the past few years have see Big Papi fall on this list in my opinion to number four, what he has done to the Yanks in the past will always keep him in the top five. Also who can forget the guy who tried to bury an Ortiz jersey inside the New Yankee Stadium? The guy knew Ortiz was hated and tried, unsuccessfully to jinx the Yanks, although Ortiz did a nice job a few years back without the help of a jinx. (Career vs. NYY: 118 Games, .313, 25 HR, 90 RBI)

1193274612_1096 3. Dustin Pedroia- Much like a fly, you try and you try and you try but you just cant kill that fly, that is what Dustin Pedroia is to a Yankee fan. He ran his mouth during his rookie season after a series in the Bronx that had the NY sports radio stations a buzz about A-Rod and a take out slide and of course has already won Rookie of the Year, a World Series and an American League MVP. When someone does that on the team you despise, your gonna hate them even more. He is someone who is always coming up with the big hit and in limited action against the Yankees, has already done a nice job. Oh did I also mention that he also on the cover of MLB 09 The Show? at least we know where to throw him…High and Inside. (Career vs. NYY: 34 Games, .321, 1 HR, 18 RBI)

youkilis2. Kevin Youkilis- The man at number two is someone who burst onto the scene just in time to annoy the crap out of Yankee fans and also win a 2007 World Series ring. Kevin Youkilis is a hated man in New York, specificallythe Bronx. He has a stance that just looks annoying, he is always screaming and yelling and of course can come up with the big knock when needed. The Youka, as he is called by the fans of the Sawx, has been front and center in the rivalry the past couple of years, as his head has been a frequent target for baseballs thrown by Joba Chamberlain. Joba will actually be making the start today and that means that we may see some Hunting along with our Baseball tonight, and I’m sure Kevin Youkilis is waiting with baited breath. Can you say Brawl? (Career vs. NYY: 58 Games, .308, 4 HR, 32 RBI)

1193631799_76551. Jonathan Papelbon- And now we have reached Number One, The man that over the past couple of years has River danced, Screamed and Trashed Mariano Rivera enough that Yankee fans have a new public enemy number one. When he told the media at the All-Star Game…IN YANKEE STADIUM….That he should close ahead of Mariano Rivera, the reaction was well….LOUD. When he entered into the All-Star game he was booed loudly and has been ever since that little quote he fed the NY media. Yankee fans certainly liked it when Brett Gardner won a game off Papelbon earlier in the monththat year with a single up the middle and A-Rod’s 9th inning homer in May of 2007 to beat Paps as well. In the end, when you trash one of the most beloved Yankees of all time and your a Red Sox, your gonna be hated, and Papelbon is HATED  (Career vs. NYY: 22 Games, 0-3, 7-9 in Save Opp., 4.43 ERA. .217 BAA)

So there is my list of the Top Five hated Red Sox as of today, I hope you all enjoy the series this weekend and also lets find new people to hate and new reasons to hate the people above. LETS GO YANKEES.

– The Falk



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2 responses to “The Fighting Hanks Travel to Fenway

  1. Great article. It’s probably a sickness within my personality but I love being hated. As a Red Sox fan, I love the venom.

    One note, I’ve never heard anyone ever call Youkilis, ‘The Youka.” Most just yell ‘Youuuuuuuuuk…’

    We used to call him “You-Kill-Us.”

    He grew that beard because he has the largest chin on Earth. Kevin Millar used to make fun of him all the time.

    I’m going to link you to my Blog Roll if you don’t mind. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. 😉


    • yanksbeatbosox

      Thanks for the read man. It is the fans that make this the best rivalry in sports. I’ll take you up on the “keeping enemies closer” thing and put you on ours too. Even Hank Steinbrenner must have a pair of Red Socks in his drawer.
      Thanks for reading!

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