“This Yankee Game brought to you by X-Men Origins”

If anyone was watching last nights Yankee game on YES, they saw the trailer for X-Men: Origins at least two times each commercial break.  Then, just about everything during the game was brought to you by the movie.

Micheal Kay- “this scoreboard update is brought to you by X-Men: Origins, which comes out in theaters May 1st.

Me- “No Sh*t Mike, thanks for the un-need info.

Those are not exaggerations folks, it was awful.  I almost turned the game off.

This better be the best freakin movie ever made:

The game itself was good for six innings, I’m glad that Cody Ransom got the message that chicks dig the long ball.  Who needs that A-Rod guy anyways?

The Yankees will very, very soon.

Sorry Cody,



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