Welcome to Hank Worshippers Un-anonymous

We here at Smoking with Hank would just like to say thank you to all of you readers who have helped us have a truely Hank-tastic (that’s an SAT word kids) week. If you enjoy reading us, or even if you don’t, please subscribe to our blog. Just click on blog info at the top right corner of the page and then subscribe. This will let you know the second Hank lets the world experience one of his “Hank-isms”,

Are you talkin' to me?...of course you are


takes a long puff from his cig,

This picture makes smoking cool again


or craps his pants when one of his pitchers gets hurt running the bases. 

Oh, S&*T! Not our Asian Pitcher!

Oh, and it will also let you know when we write a new post, but how important are we compared to Hank?

-The answer is not at all


Hanks famous Mount Rushmore pose

Hank's famous "Mount Rushmore" pose

Praise Hank,

-Brenden and The Falk


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