Bowlers Gone Wild

In our constant attempt to bring all of our fans news they can use. The Smoking With Hank staff brings you another tale of when stupid people and sports collide to bring us the best in hard hitting news. Lets take a look at an AP story out of Rocklin, California involving a sport that has been in the news lately….BOWLING.

AP- Police said a dispute over bowling etiquette led one man to assault another with a 16-pound ball, knocking out one of the man’s teeth. They said a 24-year-old man hit a man in the face with the bowling ballduring a melee involving six bowlers at the Rocklin AMF Lanes. Two groups got into a fist fight about 12:40 a.m. Thursday after two bowlers approached the lane at the same time. They couldn’t agree which should go first.

Rocklin police Sgt. Terry Jewell said the victim was treated for facial injuries at a local hospital. Doctors reinserted the tooth, hoping it will reattach itself.

The suspect was being held on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon in Placer County Jail.

First of all, the person who came up with the term “Bowling Etiquette” deserves to be on part with Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking in terms of pure genius. Secondly, who in the hell bowls at 12:40 am on a Thursday? I mean why in the world would anyone at 40 minutes past midnight decide that its a great time to go Bowling, then again, with a little herb and some strobe lights, bowling is quite a sport.

The fact that the fight broke out over the fact of two bowlers going to the same lane at the same time just shows another example of people being morons. How in the world could something so simple as one person waiting the 2 minutes it takes for the other person to bowl lead to a quote “MELEE” is stunning and yet funny at the same time. Plus it must be some kind a shot when you get hit in the face with a 16 pound bowling ball. I would think that the same feeling comes when a media member gets a quote from Hank himself. Its quite a jolt to the system.

After all this stupidity, one man landed in the hospital and the other in Jail. It seems to me that the sport of Bowling has been hurting alot of people the last few days, wouldn’t you agree Mr. President?



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2 responses to “Bowlers Gone Wild

  1. michaelhuffman

    I don’t know if “Bowling Etiquette” or even a “Mele” at 12:40 AM are the best part. I think it is the guy sitting in jail on the “Assult with a deadly weapon” that takes the cake.

    Enjoy fighting off Nasty Nate for one crazy night of Glow N’ Bowl…

    • nyjtouchdown10

      Oh without question that is great as well. What i find even better is that the AP actually had someone go out and get together a story about this. Its funny to look at the Odd News out there and realize that people actually do this dumb stuff. Thanks for the comment and comment often

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