Top 5: Its March, that means, its Gus Johnson time



Now for most of you out there, Gus Johnson is broadcaster who comes into our lives once a year for 2 weekends in March to scream and yell our way into our hearts when a 3 pointer is made that ties a game with 6 minutes left. But for me, he is more then that, I get the luxury of listening to him throughout the year bring that same excitment, and trust me its a miracle he does, to New York Knicks broadcasts on television and radio.

For today’s Top 5, I bring you my all-time favorite moments from this March Madness legend who has done more for screaming lunatics then anybody since Sigmund Freud.

– You can actually hear Gus from the Parking Lot….


– There is something about Gus and Gonzaga….


– I get this kind of fun for 82 games a season, if only the Knicks didn’t suck….


– I compare this moment to the Moon Landing, the end of World War II and when Hot Clicks Linked us on


– Greg Gumbel says it all….


There you have it, the Top 5 from good ol Gus, a legend who has kept Halls and Ricola in business for many years and for many years to come.

– The Falk


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