Sour 16: Forget the Number 1 Seeds, Who will be the 16 Seeds?


While everyone in the free world is worried about what teams will have their bubble burst and which teams will have those very nice Number One seeds. The staff here at Smoking With Hank is looking at the road to the Final Four with a different angle in mind. Which teams will be the Number Sixteen Seeds!!?

Since I’m a fan of Joe Lunardi and his Bracketology over at ESPN, we will be using his projections all the way through Selection Sunday and the Play-In game to find out which four teams will have right to have their Brains beaten in by UNC, UCONN, Pittsburgh and Louisville.

West- CS Northridge (14-13) (Big West)

East- Bowling Green (16-12) (MAC)

Midwest- Play In Game- Chattanooga (18-16) (Southern) vs. Alabama State (19-9) (SWAC)

South- Morehead State (17-15) (OVC)

It will be a lot of fun to see these teams with funny names and even funnier nicknames battle it out during Championship week so they can hope beyond hope that they can break that 0-100+ streak by 16 seeds.  Of Course things will change on a daily basis and we will be here to give you all the scoop on which teams will travel out to places just to be beaten down like a rented mule for two hours while CBS ignores you outside of your own campus and a five mile radius around it.

– The Falk


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