Moron of the Month used some expert analysis and suggested that Nationals backup outfielder and 3rd string 1st baseman Josh Willingham is worth 10 million dollars this season. He hit .254 last season with the Marlins…

Well, then again Willingham hit 297 with 20 dingers in one of my MLB 08 the Show seasons on Playstation.

Not a 10 million dollar man
Not a 10 million dollar man

Here’s the site:

So congrats, you are the first winner of Hank’s moron of the month award. You have also earned a spot on our sites we don’t like list.




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3 responses to “Moron of the Month

  1. Just to let you know, Josh Willingham has a career .833 OPS, with a .361 OBP. He exceeded both of those numbers last season.

    Since Willingham entered the majors, the league average OPS was .766. He is a patient hitter who has pop. I don’t see how fangraphs valued him incorrectly

  2. yanksbeatbosox

    I understand where you’re coming from, but even still, the a guy like Willingham should not be getting paid ten million dollars. A .361 OBP is great, but hitting .254 does not get you a 10 million dollar a year contract. (unless you pop a ton of HR’s) Down the road? Sure, if he keeps improving, but not this year.
    We appreciate the comment, hope you keep reading us.

  3. Just look at the average salaries around the league. All that fan graphs does is calculate, based on his numbers, what he is worth compared to other guys in the league. There is really no bias in what theyre doing.

    And to let you know, OBP, and even moreso OPS , correlate with runs scored at a higher clip than Batting Average. Meaning, teams that score a lot of runs generally get on base and hit for power. Willingham has done both of those things significantly above average in his career.

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